Small Businesses & Startups

We Help You Make More Sales

What does a 2% increase in sales mean to your business? Discover the hidden sales assets in your business and put them to work with our proven 90-Day Marketing Plan.

Zero fluff. Start to See results in as soon as Five days.

Small Businesses & Startups

We Help You Make More Sales

What does a 2% increase in sales mean to your business? Discover the hidden sales assets in your business and put them to work with our proven 90-Day Marketing Plan.

Zero fluff. Start to See results in as soon as Five days.

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Let's Turn Your Most Ignored Sales Asset

Into a Client Conversion Engine™

Your website is the only salesman that works for you 24x7.

Even when you're asleep. Let's get it to work.


Your Salesman. In the Cloud.

Your website is not a photo album. Clients stop by your website because they want to buy. And they want to know if you are the right company to do business with.

Yet, most business websites look like a website from the early 2000s - a bunch of pages with information about the company and it's solutions. If that sounds like your website, you need a Client Conversion Engine.

  1. 1
    Cut through the noise: Make your website and sales pages speak directly to your clients' biggest pain points
  2. 2
    Stop losing customers: Transform your website into a sales machine with irresistible offers
  3. 3
    Maximize conversion potential: Transform your website visitors into valuable leads and loyal clients


World's Best-Kept Marketing Secrets Are Now Yours


the launch plan podcast

How to find and attract the right clients fast? How to create irresistible offers? 

Your question may be about nailing your market or messaging. Maybe you want to learn how to position your products for your market. We've got them answered for you on The Launch Plan Podcast.

You'll learn the 'what' and the 'how' to implement powerful tactics and strategies for your business. Start listening. You'll get addicted for good!

not what you're thinking
f-word clients
The Secret F-Word Why Clients Don't Buy Your Products (And How to Sell More) - Part 1
the launch plan podcast
How to Create Irresistible Offers (And Why You Should Stop Selling) - Part 1
the launch plan podcast
How to Position a Podcast For Your Business (So You Can Attract the Right Audience)
the launch plan podcast
Why Your Opt-In Pages Fail (And How to Fix Them In 10 Minutes)

What's the Catch?

Many people ask me why I give away so much for free on the podcast. Well, that's just my little way of paying it forward. Okay, that line works well. But that's far from the truth!

You don't pay a dime ≠ free.

The information I share on the podcast is not free. Yes, you can download and listen to the episodes without paying me a dime.

But it took me many years to learn and master. Many of which I learned while helping my clients who invested tens of thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money to hire me. No, the podcast isn't free.

Your business growth comes first.

I run a business, and I hope you choose to do business with me. But you don't do business with strangers. I don't. So with the podcast, I hope to take a few steps forward. Think of it as my tiny investment in your business.

I hope you'll profit from what you learn. And when you think you're ready, I hope you'll choose to do business with me.

like mini courses

One more gift for you.

While you should listen to every podcast episode, I know you are busy. That's why I created The Launch Plan Workbook for you. The best part? We update the workbook every month! View this sample worksheet. Or get yourself a copy (yes, it's 'free')

launch plan ebook





Karthik is a Techie turned Marketer and Copywriter. He helps clients leverage marketing as a tool for solving problems. His first podcast featured in the Top 100 business podcasts in the iTunes US charts.

Today, Karthik combines user research, design thinking, copywriting, and marketing to help his clients through courses, workshops, consulting, and done-for-you engagements.

Why is DYT Labs different?

What makes DYT Labs different?

One thing that sets us apart from other marketing websites is our iterative and non-linear approach to problem-solving (and marketing). No matter what we do, you’ll see this 'iterative-ness' and non-linearity in practice.

We do this consciously.

You’ll see it in how we create our workshops and courses. We don’t do workshops on writing sales pages or starting a podcast. It’s always done in the context of a problem. A course about creating sales pages to sell your first course to an email list is different from a course about creating sales pages to sell your course to a cold audience on Facebook or YouTube. A podcasting course for nurturing clients is different from a podcasting course to attract new clients.

You are obsessed with results. So are we.

It’s one of the reasons why our copywriting-led engagement offering is called Client Conversion Engine™. Because clients typically don’t know what solution they need. The best they know is the problem or the symptom, and the results they want. And we consider it to be our job to help you solve your problem. To connect the dots between the problem and the result.

(You’ll see me sharing this with you inside the 90-Day Marketing Plan too.)

Paul Higgins

I focused all my attention on LinkedIn, and my website copy, at best, was like an ugly stepchild of my business. I desperately sought the right person to help me with a copy that would lift my business. I had a podcast interview with Karthik and liked the feedback he gave me about my website copy. In addition to his solid marketing and copy chops, his extensive SaaS and tech background and experience in the North American market played a huge role in my decision to work with him. And the results exceeded expectations. I cannot wait to engage with him as we scale the business!


Founder, Paul Higgins Mentoring & Cloud Consultants Collective

Client Conversion Engine™ Client

chris nella

I come from a music background, and all my experience for the last 20+ years has been with creating music. I have set goals to reach a low to mid-amount of active and vocal subscribers to my podcast and supplement my income with several offers. Without much experience with this, my scope was limited and stifled. I even thought, "I am a singer, songwriter, and producer. How can I succeed TALKING?" Karthik established the much-needed clarity and even business strategy in just one interaction. He lit a fire!!!

He gave me a clear plan, not the usual vagueness you will find in any "guide" online. Karthik clearly put ALL of my abilities into how I can utilize them in my new venture. And with the info that I have learned, I will make a new business model. I've suddenly woken up with a plan to create content that is "product-minded."

Chris Nella

Singer, Songwriter & Producer

Booked a Coaching Call (discontinued)

HOW Client Conversion Engine™ WORKS?

It Looks More Like Cooking

Seriously. And just like cooking, you'll notice that our process is both science and art.


  • 01 - Kick-off

  • 02 - Interviews

  • 03 - First Draft

  • 04 - Final Draft

  • 05 - Addons

  • 06 - Handoff

Every client engagement starts with a Kick-off. This phase broadly comprises a few activities that conclude with a Kick-off call. It begins once we (the client and us) decide to work with each other.

We immediately put together a quick agreement, and the client makes an initial payment to start the engagement. We then get together on a call where we outline how the process works.

We also share some timelines and a set of to-dos for the client (including making introductions for client interviews).

Timeline: 1 week

Neil Benson

Our website has some right pieces, but the copy is so dry and yuck. Since my business has done well, I had a sizable budget for my website revamp. And I decided to go for the best. We hired one of Australia's top design agencies for website design and Design Your Thinking Labs for copy. Karthik's work is fantastic. I needed the website to reflect the 'playfulness' of our brand. And I love how the copy nails it.



Client Conversion Engine™ Client

Jake Lang

I could see my sales pages transform in front of my eyes. To see Karthik's copywriting process is AMAZING! I watched him write my sales page LIVE over four sessions. If you need to boost your sales, grab him!



Client Conversion Engine™ In-A-Day (discontinued) Client