We Help Solopreneurs Make More Sales

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Zero fluff. Start to See results in as soon as Five days.

We Help Solopreneurs Make More Sales

Download our proven 90-Day Marketing Plan to Get Started

Zero fluff. Start to See results in as soon as Five days.

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When Online, Words Matter

It doesn't matter how good your product is (or how good you are). When it comes to growing your business online, your words matter more. We understand how to turn words into revenue at Design Your Thinking Labs, and we'd love to help you. Book a free exploration call with us to see if we are a mutual fit.

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Here are a few reasons why you should book this call with us:

  • You are a course creator or coach that wants to scale your business, and you're confused about what to do.
  • Perhaps your business has evolved over the years, but your website is stuck with the messaging from the past.
  • You are launching a new course, coaching program, or membership, but your sales funnel, or sales page needs some work.
From the Labs

One Blog Post. One Year. Zero Paid Ads.

$13,283 In Sales (And Some More!)👇


Karthik Vijayakumar / Jan 17, 2022

Are you struggling to sell your online course or membership?

Do you understand why no one is buying your course? Have you ever wondered if it's because your courses are priced too high? Perhaps your offer was not great? Maybe you're not reaching as many people as you should?

Well, the last one was a piece of advice I was given when I launched my first course.

"You need to reach more people."

So I spent my hard-earned money on running paid Ads. I spent a lot of time tweaking these Ad copies and creatives. And after 2 months, I was poorer by $1487. And then I stopped it.

Instead, I started to learn what successful online marketers did. I learned two important lessons:

1. We must reach the right people (quality) than more people (quantity).

2. We need to test the offer and audience independently.

And I wondered:

"What if we create a system that worked 24x7 to attract the right audience? (And what if the system could pay for itself?)."

My name is Karthik, and I'm the founder of Design Your Thinking Labs.

Inside here, we teardown and reverse engineer marketing and sales strategies to understand why some work and others don't.

For example, recently we implemented a simple strategy for an online course we are an affiliate. It resulted in $13,283 in sales, $4,225 in affiliate commissions, and 326 new email subscribers from 100% organic traffic and just two hours of work.

Blog Post that Sells

Here's the best part: I spent ZERO MONEY implementing this strategy.

You can implement this strategy (and many others like this) when you have a clear plan. That's why we created the 90-Day Marketing Plan. It's a complete marketing plan that you can use to implement for your business.

Using the 90-Day Marketing Plan, you can nail your target market (or target buyer), generate traffic and leads, create a content marketing strategy, and a product launch strategy for your business. These include writing high-converting copy, crafting irresistible offers and sales pages, landing page design, and the funnel, amongst many others.

And you can use all this for your business. Yep, for free.

Enter your email below if you have a business selling online courses, memberships, or affiliate products.

You'll receive the 90-Day Marketing Plan in the next few minutes, plus the specific affiliate marketing strategy I used to generate $4225 in affiliate commission and a warm audience of 326 email subscribers with just one blog post. 

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Hey! It's Me.

My name is Karthik, and I'm the founder of Design Your Thinking Labs. We help solopreneurs, course creators, and coaches create smart and profitable systems that attract leads, build trust, and generate sales 24x7, so you can sit back with confidence, spending time doing what you love.

We've created some very high-value resources for you on this page. Do grab them and put them to good use. I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

chris nella

I come from a music background, and all my experience for the last 20+ years has been with creating music. I have set goals to reach a low to mid-amount of active and vocal subscribers to my podcast and supplement my income with several offers. Without much experience with this, my scope was limited and stifled. I even thought, "I am a singer/songwriter/ producer; how can I succeed TALKING?!?!?"

That's when I came across Karthik's post on the Design Your Thinking page, which spoke to me. I immediately decided to consult with him. Karthik established the much-needed clarity and even business strategy in just one interaction. He lit a fire!!! 

He gave me an actual clear plan, not the usual vagueness you will find in any "guide" you would find online. Karthik put ALL of my abilities clearly into how I can utilize them in my new venture. And with the info that I have learned, I will be making a new business model. I've suddenly woken up with a plan to create content "product-minded."

Chris Nella

Singer, Songwriter & Producer