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How I went from ZERO to 200,000+ podcast downloads in less than 1 year?


Karthik Vijayakumar, August 26, 2019

Here’s a story of contrasts…

10 years back, I used to run a website for the city I lived in.

It was an information portal that got some pretty crazy traffic…

The biggest event in the city was a 3-month “music festival”, and the website traffic would explode during that time.

So we figured, why not create an app to help people enjoy the music season?

It would be easy, we thought. How long could it take to make an app? A week? Two weeks?

A week went by. App was done.

Then another week. Spreading the word.

Then another month. Beating the drums even more.

Next thing we know, we’ve sunk a thousand man hours into it all.

Anyway, once we got it done, we braced ourselves for the avalanche.

We put up the up. Hundreds of thousands of site visitors saw the link.

And we got…


(And 15 of them were friends and family.)

Determined, we went and pumped money into ads. Got newspapers and blogs to feature the app.

And we still barely broke a few 100s.

No matter what we did, nothing worked.

Turn the clock 7 years forward.

I was on a career break, and launched a podcast.

Bang! And we got…

157 downloads on Day #1.

By end of month #1 I had 700 downloads for my first episode.

And guess what the numbers looked in 11 months?


podcast downloads in first 11 months
app vs dyt podcast downloads

I was totally surprised!🤩

Why was the music app a FLOP and the podcast a HIT?

One word…

A U D I E N C E.

The best part? It’s a simple, 3-step strategy.

The strategy takes hard work, but it’s simple to implement. And it’s one of the fastest ways to grow your audience. You can use this for any of your product or service!

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