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Redefine Your Career and Life.

I sit down with creators, entrepreneurs and changemakers around the world to dive into their journeys of self discovery, creation and transformation, to help you redefine your career and life.

2+ million years secret

Design Your Thinking is based on the fundamental belief that goes back over 2+ million years. We are born creative and our brains are wired to create, learn and adapt. We have always been driven by need. Need to protect from climate? Fire. Need to protect from famine? Agriculture. Need to dominate the world? Science. The need for today is different.

In an attempt to dominate the world and chasing careers, people are distracted and filled with overwhelm. The true need for today is happiness and fulfillment. Careers-carved-on-stone are leftovers from the industrial age. Imagine tapping into your creative superpowers to rethink and reframe your world. It's so rewarding and simple to be outstanding, that you will be left to wonder why it took you so long to do this.


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Running a podcast and blog isn't magic. End of the day, it all comes down to tools. Here are 3 of the top tools I use, to help me put these resources together. Please do check detailed guides and videos in the resources page and invest in these products only if you need to. I do receive a small payment for mentioning these companies here.



My #1 for Hosting Your  Website.

Thrive Membership

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My #1 End-to-End Website Builder.



My #1 for Building Your Email List.

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