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Our #1 Goal IS

To Help You Discover & Communicate Your True Value Proposition And Make Your Business the No.1 Choice For Your Customers

How We Do It?

We focus on two critical areas of your business. Customer acquisition and conversion.

Customer Discovery & Acquisition
  • Deep-dive customer discovery interviews
  • Validate & scale value proposition and positioning with optimized outbound sales campaigns
  • Showcase value proposition with high-converting case studies
  • Inbound marketing funnels to attract your ideal customers
Conversion Optimized Messaging
  • Conversion-crushing website copy that qualifies and converts visitors to leads
  • Sales funnels that turn leads into valuable customers
  • Email marketing that nurture relationships, builds brand awareness, and generate sales
  • Cold and warmup email campaigns
What's the USP

The USP Podcast

On the podcast, we explore the art and science of crafting a Unique Selling Proposition. Join us as we dive deep into conversations with a diverse range of guests, from visionary early-stage startup founders to seasoned entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience. Dive into their stories, strategies, and insights, and gain the knowledge you need to craft a compelling USP, whether you're just starting or looking to enhance your business's edge in the market.

product mindset podcast

Product Mindset

The Product Mindset was one of the earliest podcasts on product, design, and marketing, where we explored the idea of the "product mindset," an idea that was first introduced by Marty Cagan, the founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group, in an essay. On this interview-based podcast, we discussed this topic with founders, product managers, marketers, and investors from Zapier, Dollar Shave Club, Microsoft, Amazon, and more. The outcome of the show was published in books and continues to be actively referenced by students in MBA schools worldwide.

What Customers Say

Paul Higgins

“I spent a good part of my career in sales. I started an MSP (Managed Service Provider) business after a few years in an executive role with Coca-Cola. And after exiting that business, I focused on coaching other MSP businesses. Since I have a reasonably good following on LinkedIn, I’ve found that it is a great source for lead generation. But my website copy, at best, was like an ugly stepchild of my business. I knew using the right words on my website would lift my business by improving conversions. That's when I got introduced to Karthik. I interviewed him on my podcast, and I liked the insights he shared and the feedback he gave about my website copy. His solid marketing and copy chops and extensive SaaS and tech background experience in the North American market greatly influenced my decision to work with him. The results exceeded expectations! He invested significant time interviewing my clients, involving me in every step. And he showed me how every word on my final website reflected my customers' words. I cannot wait to engage with him as we scale the business!"


Founder, Cloud Consultants Collective

Neil Benson

"At Customery, we've been serving the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamic 365 community since 2008. Over the years, we've gone from offering in-person consulting to training with online courses and workshops. And our website has evolved organically over time. It had some right pieces, but the copy was dry and yucky. I'd been concerned about it for a while. Since my business has done well in recent years, I had a sizable budget for my website revamp. I wanted my website to reflect my brand and convert better from professionally written copy and design. So, I decided to get help from the best. We hired one of Australia's top design agencies for website design and DYT Labs for conversion copy. Karthik's work is fantastic. I especially loved the workshops he did with me to create irresistible offers. Also, I needed the website to reflect the 'playfulness' of our brand. And I love how the copy nails it. Apart from the website copy, he helped us rewrite the sales pages for my courses and workshops. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and I have already been recommending DYT Labs to everyone I know!"


Founder, Customery.com

Jake Lang

"I worked with Karthik to write the sales page for a new membership launch. But rather than just getting Karthik to write the copy, I wanted to experience the process, too. So we worked out an arrangement so I could see how he writes copy. To see Karthik's copywriting process is AMAZING! I watched him write my sales page LIVE over four sessions spread across four weeks. Surprisingly, he only wrote a few words for the first two weeks. Instead, he reviewed recorded sales calls and scripts and saw things I didn’t see. Finally, he showed me how every word on the sales page was because of something he observed in the sales calls or customer interviews. The process is very scientific, and they couldn’t go wrong. If you need to boost your sales, GRAB him to write a sales page or VSL!"

Jake Lang

Founder, AssociatePI.com & TheEntrepreneurRideAlong.com

Our Founder

About Karthik

Hey there! My name is Karthik. I'm a technologist turned copywriter. Twenty two years ago, I wrote code. Today, write copy.

I started dytlabs as a blog and a podcast in 2016. Today, we focus exclusively on B2B businesses (SaaS and consulting). Our forte is in helping business grow by tapping into customer insights.

If your sales pipeline is running dry like the Colarado river or the words on your website or emails are a yawn, we should speak. Book a 15-minute call and let's see if we are a mutual fit.


Let's help you get more sales!

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