The 90-Day Marketing Plan

01 Complete Plan

The plan covers everything from finding your target audience to launching products or services. These include niche or topic detection, email list building, traffic generation, content marketing, website and SEO, and monetization.

02 Quick Wins

Good marketing takes time. Starting is hard, but not so when you have momentum.

We've included quick wins for you inside the 90-Day Marketing Plan. You can expect to see results in as soon as five days!

90 day marketing plan cover
03 Customized For You

A marketing plan can vary from one solopreneur to another depending on your experience. That's why we created the 90-Day Marketing Plan Quiz

We quickly assess your current marketing plan and send you a customized 90-Day Marketing Plan when you take the quiz.

04 For Solopreneurs

The 90-Day Marketing Plan is not generic. It has been created for solopreneurs creating info-products like online courses, coaching, memberships, and the like.

Solopreneurs don't operate on a big budget like corporates. This plan includes free strategies that work in both the short and long term.

Why 90-Day Marketing Plan?

"And why are you giving something so valuable for free?" If that's a question on your mind, I hear you. Here's why.

When I quit a full-time career in 2016, I was clueless. I started a podcast that did better than what I had expected. Quarter million downloads in less than a year was a lot to ask.

The pressure mounted on me. I had bills to pay - including that of my email list provider, podcast host, and website hosting. It was a lot. I had two options - find a coach or mentor, or go back to my full-time career.

After much searching, I found someone that ran a paid community where I found my first marketing plan. It cost me a lot (thousand dollars!!), but it gave me a chance to stay the course (and not return to my full-time career).

Since then, I dived deep into marketing out of sheer interest, hired a 1-1 marketing coach, and grew my business. But in hindsight, I wish someone had given me a marketing plan much earlier. That's why I created the 90-Day Marketing Plan.

I sell my courses, coaching, and services - and it will be my most incredible privilege if we do business together in the future. But now is my time to give you something I wish I had received. Take the 90-Day Marketing Plan Quiz and create your customized version. Own your plan, and I'll see you on the inside.


P.S. Here's the link to the 90-Day Marketing Plan Quiz. And if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I'm just an email away.

"Even Karthik's freebies are priceless!"

Lori Miller

Founder, My Loyal Tea Company