About the Podcast

About the Podcast

The Design Your Thinking Podcast is a multi-format podcast with 3 episodes every week that’s focused on thinking, learning and exploring the product mindset. Every episode of the Design Your Thinking Podcast is designed to level-up your product skills and product thinking such that you don’t just listen to the content, but also put them to practice. Read on to know more about the podcast.

What is the Product Mindset?

TL;DR Version

Product Mindset is a set of beliefs, skills, techniques and thinking hacks that successful product makers possess that allows them to learn, push through challenges and setbacks, master new skills and learn from the success of their peers.

The Long Form

Firstly, every company today is into the business of making products. These companies, big and small, hire product managers, designers, developers, marketers and salesmen to build, market and sell products. Smaller product companies and startups have taken advantage of their size to stay nimble, execute faster and scale. The last few years has seen even big companies adopt strategies to build and launch products faster and more effectively – from organizational structures, leadership to staffing and execution.

Secondly, products today look and feel different. The cloud, smartphones, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), etcetera has changed the definition of products with the likes of Apps, Interfaces, Bots and more. These trends will continue and they, in-turn will continue to change the way products are made and used.

With companies’ increased focus on building products, the demand for people with product skills has been on the rise across the functions and roles. Every company describes the need for a product manager or a designer or a marketer in a certain way. But what are those product skills that are key to building lasting product businesses? What are those essential skills, techniques, thinking for these product makers? I call these collectively as the Product Mindset.


  1. Carol Dweck’s book Mindset is a big inspiration to the research on the Product Mindset. In this book, the author goes deep into what she calls the Growth Mindset and discusses how it changes the way we learn in the fields of business, sports, relationships, parenting and teaching. She interviews successful CEOs, leading sportsmen and more to understand how they think and act.
  2. In late 2014, Marty Cagan wrote an article titled Product vs IT Mindset where he nicely describes his views on the stifling of innovation in established companies. He attributes the problem of stifled innovation in these companies to what he describes as the IT Mindset. He also describes how technology-enabled product organizations work, as compared to the ones with the IT Mindset, using 10 different areas. This has been an inspiration for my research on the Product Mindset.

Podcast Episodes

The 4 kinds of episodes on the Design Your Thinking Podcast are:

  1. Focus Forty
  2. Topical Zoom
  3. Ferris Wheel
  4. Friday Fifteen

All the episodes will adopt a casual and friendly conversation format.

Focus Forty

Speakers: A guest and Karthik

Show Length: 30-45 minutes

Goal: This is an interview format episode and the guest is someone who is an active product expert (product manager, designer, marketer). The goal of this episode is to understand how the person thinks and approaches product management/design/marketing.

Topical Zoom

Speakers: A guest and Karthik

Show Length: 30-45 minutes

Goal: This is an interview format episode and the guest is someone who is an expert in a particular area that core to the product mindset. The goal of this episode is to pick one topic that they are an authority for, and dive deeper into the topic. This could be a topic they presented at a conference or an article they have written.

Ferris Wheel

Speakers: A guest and Karthik

Show Length: 30-45 minutes

Goal: This is an interview format episode and the guest is an active product expert. The goal of this episode is to deconstruct the success and thinking of experts by looking through the same set of lens they use to be successful. This interview is a set of 7 questions, that are inspired by Tim Ferris’ book, The 4-Hour Chef.

Friday Fifteen

Speakers: A guest or Karthik

Show Length: 15-20 minutes

Goal: This is a solo episode where Karthik or a guest speaker will teach a 15-20 minute product / business lesson or skill. The goal of this episode is to teach the audience something new that they can learn on a Friday afternoon and perhaps have a discussion or read a book over the weekend.

How to Listen to the Podcast?

There are 3-ways to enjoy listening to The Design Your Thinking Podcast:

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