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Glad you are here! There are two ways you can participate and be a part of the Design Your Thinking Podcast:

  1. Be My Guest
  2. Be a Sponsor

Be My Guest

The Design Your Thinking community is all ears in learning from your experience! If you are a product manager, designer, marketer, entrepreneur or an author who has deep insights from making products, I’ll be interested in having you on the Design Your Thinking podcast.

If you are interested, please drop me a note at karthik (at) designyourthinking (dot) com with a subject “I’m Interested: <episode_type>” with a brief of your background and topics of expertise. If you know someone who you think will be a good fit for the show, just drop me a note – I love introductions! 🙂

Why should you participate in the DesignYourThinking Podcast?

  • Niche audience – product managers, designers and marketers
  • Rapidly growing product community – more than 95% practicing Product Managers; 50% of those are new to PM, 25% of them are senior PMs (SVP, Director, etc.)
  • Multi-format podcast – greater choice and experience with 4-unique episodes every week

What happens to the podcast recording and content?

The podcast recordings are hosted by, and accessible via iTunes (for Apple devices) and Stitcher (for Android devices). The recorded content is fully owned by Design Your Thinking and Karthik, who may choose to reuse or repurpose the content, in whole or in part, inside or outside As a guest, you can listen or refer to the recorded episodes on iTunesStitcher or on the website.

What do I look for in my guests?

My way of looking for guests has evolved quiet a bit since I got my first guest. The process I follow is quiet simple. For the Focus Forty episodes, I look for product people (product managers, designers, entrepreneurs) who have had repeat product experience. For example, if the guest is a product management expert, I look for them to have done multiple product management gigs and their expertise. I read their blogs and every other publicly available content they created.

For my guests in the Topical Zoom episodes, I look for people who are rock-solid experts on a given topic. They need not be a “product person” per se, but I look for skills they possess that can be useful for product people to know. The way I go about finding guests is very similar to the above.

This is just the way I look for guests today. It keeps evolving and so please do hit me up and let me know if you are interested!

Be a Sponsor

The Design Your Thinking podcast is aired 3-times a week, every week throughout the year. While we are not actively seeking sponsors, we are open to exploring it in the near term as we get to see a consistency in the number of downloads and audience engagement. If you are interested, please send me an email at karthik (at) designyourthinking (dot) com with the subject “DYT Sponsorship”, and I’ll get in touch with you.