About Us

We are a podcasting company. We help businesses and brands identify and drive business results using signature branded podcasts and transmedia storytelling.

Our Purpose

Connect the world through authentic storytelling.

Our Mission

To help brands trigger authentic conversations and engage with their audience using branded podcasts and audio content.

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Your billion-dollar ideas don’t show up in the middle of dramatic distraction. They show up when you have the business and personal discipline to make space for your creative mind to flourish.

– Robin Sharma


What We Do

We are passionate about solving problems, and we happen to do that through a health mix of content, storytelling, and marketing. Here are some specifics about things we do, and the services we offer.

Branded Podcast Strategy

Work with your team to identify and develop the concept and release strategy.

Audience Development

In a nutshell, we identify the audience for the podcast. Who are they? What are their behaviours? What are their consumption habits? How can we reach them?

Research and Scripting

We research topics, breakdown episodes, draft questions, angles, narrative, soundscaping, and finishing.


Professional recording, mixing, and editing of the podcast.

Package and Distribute

Picking the right podcast hosting solution, uploading episodes, and distributing content to all important podcasting directories.

Promotion Strategy and Execution

We help your podcast reach your audience, wherever they are. To do this, we use marketing, PR, social media, and cross-promotion.

Podcast for Personal Brands

You want to engage with your followers and grow your personal brand with a podcast, but unsure where to start? Book a call and let's talk.

Podcast Ad Spots

We work with your team to create creative custom Ad spots for your brand including scripting, voice-over, and music.

Get to know us

The Team

We are a team of creative people with 30+ years of experience in podcasting, radio, marketing, advertising, media, and communications.


Founder / Creative Director


20+ years in product, design, marketing, podcasting, and copywriting.
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Research & Operations


Masters in Communication, Television Broadcasting, Content Writing, Research, and Media Production

Our Story

October 2015

The Blog

Karthik created designyourthinking.com and started blogging about problem-solving, design thinking, and products. His blog post on ‘First 90 Days’ for product managers goes viral.

September 2017

Quarter Million

The Design Your Thinking Podcast crosses the quarter-million download mark, and gets featured in the Top-100 Entrepreneurship podcasts on Apple iTunes (now Apple Podcasts).

November 2018

Free Podcasting Course

We launch the first free podcasting course, a complete podcasting course by email. The course is later turned into a web-course.

August 2020

Podcast Strategy

Karthik starts to work with selected people in helping launch podcasts with a specific focus on podcast strategy, audience development, production, and launch.

February 2021

Original & Branded Podcasts

Launch of original and branded podcasts.

October 2016

Podcast Launch

Karthik launches the Design Your Thinking Podcast where he discusses the ‘product mindset’. He later renames this to the Product Mindset podcast.

October 2018

Second Podcast

Inspired by the success of the first podcast, Karthik launches the second podcast. The podcast is later renamed to the Solopreneur Deep-Dive Podcast.

August 2019

More Podcasting Courses

With an increased demand for the free podcasting course, we launch the P.I.C.A.S.S.O Podcast Blueprint mini-course and the Free Your Voice Pro Podcasting program.

January 2021


Design Your Thinking is renamed into DYT Labs, and podcasts are rebranded with a specific focus on original and branded podcasting.

May 2021

Two Brand New Shows

We are launching two new shows in May. Visit our podcasts page to check them out.

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