I’m the Founder of Design Your Thinking Labs. And I’m excited to have you here. After having worked for over 15 years on products, design, and marketing with big companies and startups, I started designyourthinking.com. This was just as a blog. But over time, this  little “thing” grew and took life of it’s own.

So what do we do today? Well, simply put, I’d like to say that we love to solve problems. But if I had to be specific, I help businesses with sales copies, create online courses, and of course podcasting.

If you got a minute, I wrote a more personal letter to you below. Do give it a read. And if you got a few more minutes, check out our podcasts in the end.


Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Karthik.

I’m a copywriter, online course creator, and podcaster.

But before I did any of this, I worked in product and marketing roles for some of the world’s biggest (and smallest) companies. I did that for the first 15 years after college.

I lived a busy life, and I traveled a lot✈️. It was fun.

But things changed. FAST.

And it started with my decision to take a career break to spend more time with my family.

I quit my job.

The day was 16th May 2016.

It was my last day at work. A career I pursued (and thrived) for over 15 years. And the only question everyone asked me was “What’s your plan?”

To tell you the truth, I had none.🤷🏻‍♂️

But people are funny. They never seemed to take “no” for an answer.

You got to be the man with a plan. Right?

I started blogging just a few months after quitting my job. I started to write what I knew. In many ways, that was my first experience with teaching.

In fact, I didn’t know that I was teaching…until I published my first Ebook. And before I could realize it, my Ebook had gone sorta “viral”.

That’s when I did something that changed my life. FOREVER.

I started a podcast.

In the next two years, I wore plenty of crazy hats. I conducted workshops, created websites, taught college students, did speaking gigs.

And then I did something else that took my life to a whole new level.

I created an “online course”.

And the rest is history.

Now that’s my “origin story” of sorts.

But everything started with building an audience.

I couldn’t have been here, but for the audience I built.

So here’s a little “gift” I’d like to leave you with. It’s a short course I created to help people with an idea (or a business) to build an audience. It’s called the Podcast Audience Building System. I hope you’ll put it to good use.


my signature 2017

PS: Here’s something I “brag” about these days: I speak 3/4 of the world’s most spoken languages. That’s English, Hindi, and Spanish. The last one is a work-in-progress (and I’m doing it with my son!)

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Our Podcasts

We have created podcasts on various topics. Pick one that interests you. Product Mindset is the first show Karthik launched in 2016. On that, you’ll listen to CEOs, designers, and product leaders. On the Solopreneur Deep Dive podcast, you’ll hear interviews with filmmakers, entrepreneurs, millionaires, about their journeys to failure and beyond. Podcasting Secrets is a mini-series where you’ll learn untold secrets that will help your podcast stand out. Little Minds is a podcast for kids and entrepreneur parents. It’s still in the making, but you can listen to the pre-trailer. The Inner Reel podcast is a show where we discuss the not-so-talked about challenges that creators and entrepreneurs face – about self-worth, career choices, financial struggles, and more. And The Launch Plan podcast is one where you’ll learn launch strategies from course creators, coaches, and marketers.

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