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We believe that every human is born creative, entrepreneurial and a misfit. But we are taught to become someone else. The podcast shakes up this thinking. That’s why it’s called The Design Your Thinking Podcast.

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On The Design Your Thinking Podcast, Karthik engages with guests in deep and candid conversations about their journeys and work. The guests on the show are typically creatives, or entrepreneurs, or nonconformists, or a mix of those. 

Our guests are experts from various fields, but are all connected through a set of common traits and beliefs. They've swam against the tide, taken life or career crushing risks, questioned beliefs and rules set and followed by millions of people, and they all care to share and learn.


The show's really well done. Karthik asked some great questions. I really enjoyed the way he dived deep into concepts and entrepreneurial theory!

Mike Michalowicz Author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan & a Serial Entrepreneur

Karthik's style of interviewing is so warm and welcoming, and his questions were probing and really interesting. He clearly prepares well and is a pro! It was a genuine pleasure to be featured on Karthik's podcast.

Katie King CEO, Zoodikers

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Karthik Vijayakumar

Karthik Vijayakumar is the Founder and Host of The Design Your Thinking Podcast where he interviews creatives, entrepreneurs and nonconformists. He spent over 15 years designing businesses with some of the world’s biggest technology companies including a startup he founded out of college.

He launched the podcast during a career break in 2016, that ended up making ~ quarter million downloads in less than a year.

podcast downloads in first 11 months

Today, Karthik combines his experience in online business and podcasting along with his experience with business design, to help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners with building and growing their businesses and personal brands.

Fun Facts about Karthik

Did you know?

An Introvert

I've struggled a lot with opening conversations. But one day a thought struck me "what if I got people talking to me?" Ever since, I've used my skills in art, craft & magic tricks to get people to talk to me!


It's strange that I've never had stage-fear, despite being an introvert. People say I'm funny and I love making fun of myself. One day, I want to perform standup on stage. (Check my YouTube channel art!)

Hair Styling

I started clipping my own hair, and ever since have been the regular barber for my son and my dad too! I enjoy the few minutes of hair-art-time I get every month! (my pandemic-proof revenue stream 😝)

150+ Retakes

When I started podcasting I recorded & edited the first episode for well over 150 times... almost gave up because I cringed at the sound of my voice. (the show made over 250,000+ downloads in the 1st year)



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And that's why I started HIGH FYVER.

Because I like celebrating achievements. Yes you guessed it right...with high-fives and fist-bumps.

HIGH FYVER is a celebration neatly packed into an email. I send them to independent creatives, content creators and entrepreneurs with a hack, tip to help you get more attention, more fans and more sales.

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I owe my success to a lot of successful people across the globe, and I consider giveback as my single topmost priority. Never hesitate to ask me something – I'm always looking at ways to serve you better.

Go hustle and start to design your thinking now!


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