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Sales Copy Mastery Live Masterclass

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Here's what you need to know

Thank you for your interest in the Sales Copy Mastery Live Masterclass! The Sales Copy Mastery Live Masterclass is for entrepreneurs who are actively running a business. If you have not started a business Sales Copy Mastery Live Masterclass will not be a good fit for you.

We review applications in the order in which they were received, and invitations will be sent out on the 10th April 2022. 

If we approve your application, then you'll receive an invite to join Sales Copy Mastery Live Masterclass via email. It will contain a special link to sign up for the community.

The following short application will help us get a sense of where your business is right now. 

Please answer the questions honestly so that we can create a balanced cohort of entrepreneurs!

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Exchanging feedback from other entrepreneurs
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Weekly mastermind calls
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