7 Best Podcasting Courses From World Class Podcasters

learn to podcast with podcasting courses, masterclasses and trainings

“I want to learn to podcast. What are the best podcasting courses you recommend?”

“Do you recommend some online training or classes on podcasting?”

These are the exact words I found in two random emails I received from my email subscribers and listeners in the last few months.

On further digging, I realized that the problem is not with finding online podcasting courses. There are plenty of free podcast training and paid courses.

Everyone wants to learn to podcast. A tiny number of serious podcasters like you signup for podcasting courses. But they struggle making a decision on what online course to pick. And that’s what makes¬†people ask those questions.

Ever since, I created my own podcasting course (more about it in the end), wrote in-depth tutorials to come up with podcast ideas, find the best podcast topics, and a lot more resources on this blog. But to tell you the truth, I always learn so much from other podcasters.

So in this article, I decided to hand-pick a few podcast training, podcast schools, masterclasses, and podcasting courses from a few of the best podcasters and teachers in the world.

In this post, I attempt to create the best-handpicked guide to podcasting courses. You’re the judge – read and you’ll know why I’m saying so.

I’m going to make my recommendations along with why I think you should signup for these courses.

Alright, let’s jump right in!

I highly suggest you read my full recommendation below before deciding to pick any of them. These courses and resources are intentionally in this order, and you’ll learn that as you read on.

Disclaimer: Many links in this article are affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase, I will be paid a tiny fee. We use this money to buy more courses, tools, review them for you, and create all of this content. I have built my business on the highest set of values. I never ever recommend something to you if I don’t trust with my wallet or time. We just want to be upfront about this. Thank you for your understanding and support!

1. Power-Up Podcasting by Pat Flynn

course from pat flynn

Pat Flynn started the Smart Passive Income Podcast in 2009 and has another famous show called Ask Pat. Power-Up Podcasting is Pat’s signature course that he launched in 2017.

The reason this course is something that features at the top of my list is that I’ve used Pat’s resources when I started my podcast in 2016. His Smart Passive Income blog is what I used to learn podcasting. I like his teaching style and have spoken to several students of Pat too.


  • The course is thorough and is focused on helping you start your podcast.
  • Has a strong student community and Pat shows up LIVE every week to answer questions.
  • Pat updates the course content regularly.


There aren’t any cons with this course really. But some people might find the price is a little steep. But remember, you are learning the art from one of the most successful podcasters out there.

I highly recommend you sign up for Power-Up Podcasting. If you have any questions about the course, feel free to drop me a note and I’ll try my best to answer your questions.

Update: If you signed up for Power-Up Podcasting with this link, make sure to send an email with a screenshot of the receipt to support (at) designyourthinking.com to get a complimentary 1-1 45-minute strategy session with me PLUS a One Full Year access to Free Your Voice Pro Podcasting.

Having used Pat’s blog, courses, and other resources for so long, we take this as a tiny way to pay it forward by doing this to his students. Much gratitude!

2. Podcast Production Course by Mike Russel at Music Radio Creative

course by mike russel

I’ve used Music Radio Creative for my podcast voice-over and jingles. Mike Russel and Izabella Russel are the two people behind Music Radio Creative that have been really passionate about music and podcasting.

Podcast Production Course is created by Mike, an experienced audio producer. The reason I recommend this course is because of the depth Mike goes into on the production side.

If you just got started with your podcast or if you’ve been doing it for a while, you’ll find this course super helpful. From equipment to sound treatment for various kinds of setup, Mike covers it all.


  • The syllabus is thorough for podcasters looking for high-quality production.


I struggle to find cons with this course. Mike is a seasoned audio producer and he does a thorough job of this course. But if you are looking to master the art of audio engineering, this is not the course for you (I have something for you in #6).

Signup for the Podcast Production Course by Mike Russel and you have my full recommendation. And while you’re there, also check out their production services for your voice-overs, jingles, and more!

3. Podcast Journal

podcast journal by jld

What is one thing I’ve learned from 4 years of podcasting and close to 20 years of creating products?

Staying focused is key.

That’s why The Podcast Journal is something I decided to list as #3 before listing down other podcasting courses.

Using The Podcast Journal you can launch your podcast in 50 days.

John Lee Dumas is one of the top podcasters in the world. In fact, the name John Lee Dumas is so synonymous with podcasting like how Oprah with television.

He released a new episode every single day for over 7 years on his award-winning podcast EOFire. So there’s no one better than him to talk about focus.

Go ahead and give The Podcast Journal a try.


  • Easy to use. It’s like writing a journal that already has questions for you. Just answer them.
  • Light on your pocket.
  • It’s like having an accountability partner for 50 days until you launch your show. (and who doesn’t want to have JLD as an accountability partner?)


None actually. But if I had to pick one, it would be that you have to do the work of opening the journal every day and write. For some, this might seem like a new habit. But I can tell you that journaling is one worth developing.

So go ahead and get yourself a copy of The Podcast Journal today.

4. Podcasters Paradise by John Lee Dumas

podcasters paradise by john lee dumas

Back to courses, I definitely want to talk about one of the first podcasting courses and communities – Podcasters Paradise. This was also created by John Lee Dumas.

Filled with the course materials, monthly Q&A calls with JLD and Kate, this is one community you must consider being a part of. Back when I started, a lot of podcasters who got into this program came out with really big shows.


  • The Podcast Masterclass that JLD has here is (before you signup for the course) is highly valuable!
  • You get The Podcast Journal with the annual plan.
  • 8-minute strategy call with JLD is priceless!

I must highlight the third point. Sometime back I interviewed John Lee Dumas on my podcast. It was a 20-minute interview, but JLD delivered a TON of value!

Listen to the episode to understand why I say the 8-minute strategy call is priceless.


Okay, the price might be a little too high for some. But you get JLD!

So, go ahead and signup for Podcasters Paradise now.

5. Podcasting Classes & Trainings on CreativeLive

podcasting workshop by creative live with Alex Blumberg

When it comes to podcasting there are a few names that stand out. Alex Blumberg, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin are just some names that come to my mind. But learning from these big names can cost a fortune.

That’s why I love CreativeLive as it brings in all these people and their teams together. There are specific classes inside CreativeLive that I highly recommend.

Here are the classes you must not miss inside CreativeLive:

  1. Power Your Podcast with Storytelling, with Alex Blumberg
  2. How to Produce a Weekly Podcast, with Alexandra Dipalma (producer for Seth Godin)
  3. How to Book and Prep Podcast Guests, with Jordan Harbinger
  4. Turning Your Expertise into a Podcast, with Kristina Loring & Cal Peternell
  5. Behind the Podcast: Jason Nemer on The Tim Ferriss Show, with Jason Nemer & Tim Ferriss

Signup for CreativeLive today as most times they have some amazing promotions going. Signup for their email list and stay tuned to your favorite classes at much lower prices!

6. Podcast Engineering School

podcast engineering school with chris curran

Now I understand some of us are so passionate about podcasting that we are looking at mastering the art of audio and production.

Is that you?

If so, the Podcast Engineering School is for you. The school is created by Chris Curran who comes from the world of music engineering and production. He’s worked as an engineer, producer, or assistant engineer roles on projects with Sarah McLachlan, Jeff Buckley, MC Hammer, Ice Cube, to name a few. Sounds cool right?

You signup for the program, you sign out as a Pro. Nothing short of it.

Don’t trust my words? Check the program’s content for yourself.


  • The program is thorough and the content is carefully curated.
  • The LIVE program component is priceless (14+ hours). You still have lifetime access to the materials.
  • Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris!
  • The course project and the certificate are a big bonus.


Well, it would be foolish of me to say that the price is expensive. But hey, this is like a full program at a college at the price.

Many celebrity-created courses are priced at this price point for no significant content. So yes, I have no cons. Just signup if you want to be a pro!

7. Free Your Voice Pro Podcasting

podcasting courses, trainings and workshops

Free Your Voice Pro Podcasting is our signature program for passionate podcasters. The program is for you if you want to learn podcasting with a special emphasis on creativity and marketing. It’s a combination of a course, deep-dive tutorials in marketing, audio production, storytelling, checklists, and scripts, and action plans.

Coming from the world of building products for over 15+ years, I created a minimum viable version of the course last year to learn what students really wanted to learn. Ever since there’s been a ton of learnings. The free podcasting course is still available for signup.

I am on the course. And LOVING IT !! Must appreciate making it very comprehensive and honest. It definitely gets me fired up to start with the dream of starting a podcast.

Kishor Fogla, Mumbai (India)

I've been in the midst of finals/end of year projects so I am just now getting to read through all your lessons and have LOVED them! I am so excited for the process and the final result ūüôā Thank you so much for all your help with the Free Your Voice course and I am soo excited!

Shae Caragher, Santa Barbara (California)

Learn to Podcast Today

While podcasting courses are great, no skill can be learned without actually practicing it. I cannot stress enough why you must consider starting a podcast today. In fact, I like the way John Lee Dumas put it when I interviewed him on my show:

I think so many people are just waiting for all the signs to be green, all the signs to be pointing north for all these different things. Just start. I would've started earlier. That's what I wished I'd done. That's what I'd wish to leave as a message for everybody here. Just start. Get it going.

Get Started Now

Let’s put an end to all excuses. Here are a quick set of resources to help you kick the excuses and get started.

  1. If you’re stuck at the beginning, read this article to get some podcast ideas to fuel your thinking.
  2. Want help pick a good podcast topic? Read this step-by-step post where you will learn creative ways to find your podcast topic, nail your podcast audience, and your podcast narrative.
  3. Have a plausible podcast idea? Read this article to create your podcast outline.
  4. In case you’re looking for help with equipment, software, etc, here’s a comprehensive list of podcasting resources.
  5. If you need more help, signup for my free podcasting course.

And when you’re ready, signup for one of the above courses. If you had any questions about any of the above courses, drop me an email.

No matter what, start your podcast today. Leave a comment and share this article if you liked it. You’re awesome!

Karthik Vijayakumar

Managing Partner at Design Your Thinking Labs. Storyteller, producer, copywriter, digital marketer, and artist. Helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs and brands. Husband to a makeup artist, dad to a 7-year old.