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Online courses have become popular. So popular that the market is flooded with a wide range of courses on almost every topic you can imagine. Are they good?

Well, let's flip that question. How can they be made better?

In this episode of The Launch Plan podcast, our guest Wes Kao gives three very important tips. These tips don't just help you create better online courses, but create an even more significant change in your perspective.

Wes Kao

Co-Founder, Maven

Wes is co-founder of Maven, the first platform for cohort-based courses. Maven helps creators build a cohort-based course and deliver an incredible student experience at scale.

Previously, Wes was the co-founder of the altMBA. Under her leadership, the altMBA grew from zero to 550 cities in 45 countries in three years of high-growth. She designed the altMBA's beloved coaching system, grew the global community, built the marketing engine to drive sustainable acquisition/retention, and built a team of 40 people to support rapid scaling.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Wes Kao.

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