team relationships product mindset In this Ground Zero episode, I speak with Shay Howe, co-founder of Lead Honestly and a partner at Prota Ventures, co-founder at Chicago Camps about building better relationships.

No matter how great your products are, if you don’t play close attention to your teams, you are staring at a gaping hole. If you are a manager or a leader who interacts and manages people directly or indirectly, its important that we understand that relationships with our team members is key to our success and that of the products we make. In this episode, I speak with Shay Howe about this very topic.

Who is Shay Howe?

As a designer and front-end developer, Shay has a passion for solving problems while building creative and intuitive products. He specializes in product design, interface development, and organizational leadership, areas in which he regularly writes and speaks about.

Currently, he is a co-founder at Lead Honestly, helping managers build stronger relationships and actively engage with their employees. Elsewhere, he is a partner at Prota Ventures, co-founder at Chicago Camps, board member at DESIGNATION, and author of “Learn to Code HTML and CSS.”

What you will learn – Better Relationships in Teams, Product Mindset and more!

  1. You seem to wear a lot of hats. Can you help my listeners with a quick background about you and what you do?
  2. You are currently working on Lead Honestly – what was the trigger that set of this thinking and why did you choose to invest your time and energy into building something to address the problem you are after?
  3. Can we speak more about relationships as applied to management? What are some of the most common challenges you’ve seen many managers and leaders grapple with, including yourself?
  4. It’s been 8 months with Lead Honestly. What did you learn about the problem?
  5. You seem to take an interesting approach (I like the approach) to addressing this relationship challenges for managers and leaders – using questions as triggers. Can you describe how this works?

Continued in Episode125.

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