Do You Make These Biggest Mistakes Like Many Product Managers?

DYT 076 : Biggest Mistakes Product Managers Make

biggest mistakesIn this episode that I speak with Rich Mironov, Roman PIchler, Steven Haines, Chad McAllister and Cindy Alvarez about the biggest mistakes product managers make.

What will you learn – Biggest Mistakes!!

You will learn about the biggest mistakes Product Managers make from these 5 successful product management experts.

  1. Orchestrate executive management
  2. Executive level roadmap clarity
  3. Disconnection between product & business strategy
  4. Validating product strategy
  5. Launch strategy disconnected from business case & product strategy
  6. Customer, company and product readiness for launch
  7. Jumping on the idea too quick
  8. Asking customers on what to build
  9. Misunderstanding MVP
  10. Not sufficiently networking
  11. Premature product optimization

Links to episodes

  1. Organizational Anthropology and Product Management with Rich Mironov (click here to listen directly)
  2. Product Launches, Pitfalls and Successes | Steven Haines (click here to listen directly)
  3. Product Launches, Business Case and Strategy | Steven Haines (click here to listen directly)
  4. Innovation and Product Management | Chad McAllister (click here to listen directly)
  5. What Product Managers Need to Know about Product Strategy and Roadmaps with Roman Pichler (click here to listen directly)
  6. Don’t Ask Customers What They Want | Cindy Alvarez (click here to listen directly)

Links to Guests’ Profiles

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