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Why Do A Podcast Relaunch After 250,000 Downloads?

Podcast relaunch? It’s not an easy one. But in this post I want to focus on the Why as opposed to the how. We’ll keep the how for a later post. And yes, I’m talking about The Design Your


42 Psychology Tactics to Boost Your Online Business

Do you live in a cave? Unless you are literally in a cave or have been hiking in the Himalayas, you’ve probably noticed that almost every product or service today is going online. Businesses are


First 90 Days as Product Manager – 32 Must Dos

Being in the product business is one thing, but being in a product-driven business is a whole different thing. The role of Product Managers in a product-driven business is extremely crucial to the performance


Product Manager Summit with Aero Wong

In this special episode I sit with Aero Wong, a “newbie product manager”, as he calls himself, who is organizing a virtual summit for Product Managers – the Product Manager Summit. I


Are You Missing This In Your Competitor Analysis?

I asked Mary – “What is that activity you do frequently at work and wish you did more of?” There was radio silence for a few seconds. Then came the words “understand the competition…wish


Your Product Roadmap Is A Story

Products, like human beings, have a lifecycle and are driven by a purpose. Companies and teams create products that carry out a mission that is aligned to a company’s vision and customers’


4 Reasons Product Managers are Designers

Product Managers play a key role in companies and teams. The need for Product Managers to wear multiple hats is something that’s widely talked about. In this article I want to throw some light on


Getting Why, or Getting to Why?

Is it about Getting Why, or Getting to Why. I like to think of myself as a success hacker. Whether or not it’s wishful thinking, the core belief in calling myself that way is that one could hack

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