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How to Come Up With Good Podcast Ideas in 2020?

podcast ideas

As the number of podcasts on Apple Podcasts swells over 880,000 active podcasts in 2020, and as Spotify showed some serious interest in podcasting in 2019, a lot of people are working on making podcasts discoverable. On the other hand, aspiring podcasters are looking for podcast ideas to start their podcasts. In this post, I […]


How to Create a Podcast Outline in 2020?

Create a Podcast Outline

How to start a podcast from scratch..when all you know is that you want to start one. In this article How to Create a Podcast Outline, I will help you do exactly that. By the end of this article, you would’ve outlined your podcast and be ready to get into the weeds of execution. You […]


Why Should You Start a Podcast?

why start a podcast

I’m tempted to make this the shortest blog post and say that you should start a podcast in 2019 because Gary Vaynerchuk told you to in his book Crushing It! Nah! That would be no fun, and all those thoughts I wanted to share, would go down the trash. So instead of taking the easy […]


5 Reasons Why Radio Listeners Must Listen to Podcasts in India!

podcasts in india

Podcasts have been around for over 15 years. Popularized by Apple, Podcasting is a thriving industry in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. That said, podcasts in India have not been anywhere close to the popularity it gained in the US, UK and Europe. In a country that’s over 4 times bigger than the […]


The Plan to Starting a Podcast that Works

the plan to starting a podcast

Often times, we want to start a podcast, and yet there are a hundred other questions that stop us from doing it. In this article I share 7 steps to starting a podcast from scratch. In my last post, I talked about how to outline your podcast. If you’ve successfully outlined your podcast, you are […]


42 Psychology Tactics to Boost Your Online Business

online business customer psychology

Do you live in a cave? Unless you are literally in a cave or have been hiking in the Himalayas, you’ve probably noticed that almost every product or service today is going online. Businesses are going online to sell or be found. Social media and digital content like videos, pictures and written content like this […]