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How to Record Podcast Interviews on Video with an MVVP?

If you are recording podcast interviews and looking to grow listenership, the odds that you’ve been asked to create videos, is high. That’s because YouTube is the second biggest search engine. “But


How Rat Holes and Rabbit Holes Can Make Podcast Interviews Engaging?

Podcast interviews are like mining. You never know from the surface if there is something valuable beneath. The only way to find out is to start digging. When it comes to podcast interviews,


Can a Personal Brand Website Help Get Your Next Job or Business?

Before talking about your personal brand website, let me ask you a question. How do you find about someone you don’t know? Can I take a guess? You ‘Google’ their name. Well, that’s what a vast


7 Solopreneur Lessons From a Wife and Homemaker

When you working a full-time job or when you are working for a boss, your time is managed by that boss. But when you are a Solopreneur or an Entrepreneur, you are that boss. But like they say, with great


5 Reasons Why Radio Listeners Must Listen to Podcasts in India!

Podcasts have been around for over 15 years. Popularized by Apple, Podcasting is a thriving industry in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. That said, podcasts in India have not been anywhere


Introducing The Million Project

Have you ever had this secret wish? A dream of sorts, to do something you really love. Perhaps it’s something you always wanted to do. But then, life got in the way and you took another path. You’ve


The Plan to Starting a Podcast that Works

Often times, we want to start a podcast, and yet there are a hundred other questions that stop us from doing it. In this article I share 7 steps to starting a podcast from scratch. In my last post, I talked


Why Do A Podcast Relaunch After 250,000 Downloads?

Podcast relaunch? It’s not an easy one. But in this post I want to focus on the Why as opposed to the how. We’ll keep the how for a later post. And yes, I’m talking about The Design Your