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How My Podcast Got 200,000+ Downloads In the First Year?

11 steps to 200,000 podcast downloads

Starting a podcast successfully, in many ways, is like starting a flash mob. You cannot start a flash mob if you don’t have a mob on the first place. Podcast downloads work in a similar way too. In this article I outline 11 steps I took that increased my podcast downloads to 200,000+ in the […]


7 Lessons I Learnt From These Two Over-pledged Kickstarter Projects

over pledged kickstarter projects

Kickstarter has become the most sought-after platform today for a lot of entrepreneurs and creatives. The numbers just say that – 165,971 successfully funded projects, over $4.3 trillion pledged, over 16.4 million backers, and a good one-third of them being repeat backers! But not all kickstarter projects are a hit – just a handful of […]


Podcast Launch Challenge: How to Start a Podcast in 44 Days

start podcast in 44 days

A few weeks ago, my doorbell rang at 10PM and I rushed to the door to see who it was at this hour. It was my neighbor and a father of a 20-year old who was standing right there with a smile on his face and told me “I want to start a podcast and […]


19 Podcast Interview Questions to Use + 5 Steps to Come Up With Yours

podcast interview questions

Interview based podcasts are an extremely engaging kind of podcasts…so long as you don’t hit that awkward silence. Experienced this situation ever? One of the biggest reasons this happens is when you’ve run out of topics for the podcast interview, or if you are just wondering how to ask a question in such a way […]


Why Should You Start a Podcast?

why start a podcast

I’m tempted to make this the shortest blog post and say that you should start a podcast in 2019 because Gary Vaynerchuk told you to in his book Crushing It! Nah! That would be no fun, and all those thoughts I wanted to share, would go down the trash. So instead of taking the easy […]


A Great Podcast Interview’s Secret Sauce – 5 Ingredients and Recipe

podcast interview secret sauce

The success of an interview-based podcast goes beyond just good questions. Podcast interviews are a win-win-win for you, the guest and the listener when you have the right recipe, and sprinkle with the right ingredients. Now imagine this. You are REALLY REALLY hungry. Would you munch into an energy bar or order food online? If […]


16 Tips to Help You Stand-out as a Podcast Guest

16 podcast guest tips

Want to get more visibility to your work, your personal brand or company? Be a guest on someone’s podcast. Podcasts are growing in number (600,000+). Being a podcast guest is one of the best ways to spend your time, energy and resources. In this article, I share 16 tips to help you stand-out as a podcast […]


7 Video Podcast Interview Formats To Inspire Your Next

video podcast interview formats

Interview Based Podcasts are not just fun to produce, but also engaging to listen and easier to promote. Video Podcast Interviews or even just Audio Podcast Interviews are great ways to not just produce podcasts, but also other forms of content. In this article I want to share 7 of my favorite types of video […]