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Roadmaps are a Lie

Thanks for your attention! The title “Roadmaps are a Lie” are the words of Laura Klein in this episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast. This was her answer to one of the questions in


10 Reasons Why These 10 Product Managers Are Successful

The Design Your Thinking Podcast was launched little over a month back – on the 17th October. Since then 17 episodes have come out. Having had the pleasure of speaking to some of the finest Product


Exploring the Product Mindset

What is a Product Mindset? A Product Mindset is a set of beliefs, skills, qualities and techniques that successful product makers possess, that allows them to learn, push through challenges and setbacks,


Think Effectively in 4 Easy Steps

Think effectively? Hmm, how long has it been since you came up with a brilliant idea? When was the last time you did something you had never done before? When was the last time you made something from


How to Measure Your Product?

As Product Managers, we are responsible for the product’s success. The success of your product depends on various factors that are both internal and external to your company. Because of this very


Sixth Sense in Four Steps – Develop Market Sense

In the article titled Basic Instincts for Product Managers, I walked you through the 8 fundamental skill areas that product managers need to be good at. In the second chapter of my eBook, the 30-Day


Basic Instincts for Product Managers

Products are successful, viral and loved because of their ability to fit into the world in the right place and the right time. We sometimes refer to the “right time and right place” in the


5 Customer Engagement Strategies for Product Managers

In my last article, we discussed strategies for getting effective B2B customer feedback. Getting customer feedback is great only when you act on them. As Product Managers we are squarely in the middle