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Think Effectively in 4 Easy Steps

Think effectively? Hmm, how long has it been since you came up with a brilliant idea? When was the last time you did something you had never done before? When was the last time you made something from


5-Signs You are Focused on Valuation and Not Value

It doesn’t matter if your company is a unicorn or in a popcorn business. If you are not focusing on value, you are not doing your job, Mr. Product Manager! Did I get your attention? If so, good.


12-Steps To A Killer Product Presentation

Designing your business case is just one part of the game for creating a lasting product business. Getting management support and rallying the rest of the organization behind your new product or initiative


9 Questions to Think like an Investor

You can put together a business case in multiple ways. You can either design your business case, or use a question thinking model that we use in this article to think like an investor, or just use