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42 Psychology Tactics to Boost Your Online Business

online business customer psychology

Do you live in a cave? Unless you are literally in a cave or have been hiking in the Himalayas, you’ve probably noticed that almost every product or service today is going online. Businesses are going online to sell or be found. Social media and digital content like videos, pictures and written content like this […]


32 Must Dos in First 90 Days of a New Job – Product, Marketing or Design

first 90 days

No matter what job you are in, the first 90 days are super critical (and not many realize this). Some people call this the honeymoon period, but I choose to call this the hustle-moon period. In this article, I share 32 tips you can (or, should!) put to action in the first 90 days. At […]


Getting Why, or Getting to Why?

getting to why

Is it about Getting Why, or Getting to Why. I like to think of myself as a success hacker. Whether or not it’s wishful thinking, the core belief in calling myself that way is that one could hack the formula for success. I continue to try doing this in my interviews with successful people on The […]


How Storytelling can Boost Your Product


Everyone of us tell stories everyday. Storytelling is something we use to put our kids to sleep, entertain a crowd, market or advertise a product. And sometimes its used to spreading awareness, nation / community building, just to mention a few. It all starts with a story, which essentially is composed of 4 key attributes:


Think Effectively in 4 Easy Steps

think effectively in 4 easy steps

Think effectively? Hmm, how long has it been since you came up with a brilliant idea? When was the last time you did something you had never done before? When was the last time you made something from scratch? No matter what you do, it’s important you asked these questions to yourself. This is all […]


5-Signs You are Focused on Valuation and Not Value

value vs valuation

It doesn’t matter if your company is a unicorn or in a popcorn business. If you are not focusing on value, you are not doing your job, Mr. Product Manager! Did I get your attention? If so, good. This is an important topic.. In any business, focus must always be on the value. Period. Your users […]


12-Steps To A Killer Product Presentation

Designing your business case is just one part of the game for creating a lasting product business. Getting management support and rallying the rest of the organization behind your new product or initiative is critical to the its business success. Connecting to your audience’s beliefs and helping them empathize with the problem your product solves, is […]


9 Questions to Think like an Investor

You can put together a business case in multiple ways. You can either design your business case, or use a question thinking model that we use in this article to think like an investor, or just use one of the many business case templates and try to fill out the sections. Trust me, the last approach is a […]