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Critical Success Factors helps “Focus”

Critical success factors are the few key areas of activity in which favorable results are absolutely necessary for a particular manager to reach his goals. Because these areas of activity are critical,


3 Key Areas of Your Monetization Model

As Product Managers we are interested in the product as much as are we in the money that it makes. Products need to help run viable businesses that can create a win-win for you and your customers. One


How to Make Strategic Decisions Using TOWS

As Product Managers and entrepreneurs you are on the constant look out for winning strategies for your product and your business. If you have successfully identified your product / organisation / company’s


How to SWOT?

As Product Managers, we are the CEO of the product. It’s very important for us, as CEOs of the product, to be on top of the product from a business perspective. SWOT is an acronym that stands for


Your Knowledge and Ideas Are Worthless. Do This Instead

In the last 2 years of my research, studying and interviewing hundreds of product managers and over 60 experts, I came across something significant and I wanted to talk about it. It’s the hunger


Knowledge and Wisdom

In an earlier article on the philosophical history of thinking and design, we briefly talked about the influence the Greek philosophers have had on the western philosophy. Having talked about the history,


History behind “Thinking” and “Design”

Caveat: This article uses design and thinking interchangeably, treating design as a way of thinking. Thinking is a fundamental human skill that has its roots way back in time when humans designed the


Why Cashflow is Important for You Product Manager

Product Managers track a lot of metrics everyday. No matter how much we track these metrics, there is one key term in financial accounting that I’ve realized is important for every Product Manager