DYT 039 : Product Management and The Art of Building Relationships with People with Vivek Bedi

building relationshipsIn this Focus Forty episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast, I talk to Vivek Bedi, Head of Products at LearnVest, a fintech startup. Vivek talks about the importance of building relationships with people as the key to success in Product Management.

Who is Vivek Bedi?

Vivek Bedi is a passionate, driven, and high-energy executive with over 15 years of experience developing ingenious sets of products, driving sales/marketing targets, and optimizing operational functions across various industries.

  • Ownership of client experience functions for Northwestern Mutual as well as a leading fin-tech LearnVest including digital and mobile financial planning products that reshaped the financial lives of 4.3M+ clients.
  • Revolutionized communication platforms, products and services for 30k+ global employees and clients of Goldman Sachs, Inc.
  • Established a first for screening industry set of digital, mobile, and global products as well as enhanced operations functions that doubled company sales revenue and lead to acquisition investment of $1.3B.
  • Founded a mobile application suite targeted at changing the way consumers swap items with each other generating over 1k users.

What will you learn?

  1. Reason why Vivek is successful?
    • Don’t get married to your product
  2. How Vivek manages to stay productive?
    • Coffee, building relationships and more!
  3. Balancing the creative and productive sides of being a Product Manager
    • Time management and more
  4. What are the 3 things that Vivek believes is important in developing a Product Mindset?
    • Storytelling, technology and keep the train moving
  5. Vivek’s view of Failure
    • Acceptance and the circle of trust
  6. How does Vivek see the future of products and product management?
    • Virtual engagement and soft skills
  7. Vivek’s advise to product managers

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