Copy On Caffeine

How to magically turn any sales page into A high-converting sales machine (Even if you don't Know how to write one) ?

Spoiler Alert: There's no magic. just three filters (and they work!)

Copy On Caffeine

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You spend days (maybe weeks) at length learning to write sales pages. You download a bunch of templates. After all the hard work, you finally write your sales page.

Many open your sales page. Some scroll down to the end. And some even go to the checkout page.

But nothing happens. Nobody buys. There are no sales—just pin-drop silence. Your sales page feels like a haunted house. Heck, you don't even hear the pesky little crickets!

Been there? Or maybe not. Perhaps you did get make a few sales as I did.

One of my first sales pages generated $1188 in two days. Four people bought the course. And like any excited entrepreneur would do, I celebrated. But in hindsight, that was a tad too early.

The sales page stopped working!

But you know this - we entrepreneurs don't give up. After a few days of Googling, I felt confident. I thought that I had cracked the 'formula.'

So I rewrote my sales page. This time, it was using a step-by-step guide I found from one of the best copywriters I knew. I even paid a couple of hundred bucks to sign up for a copywriting course. I went through the videos twice, took some notes, and finalized my sales page.

How many sales did it generate?

Three. It felt good. So I decided to spend more time researching. I bought books written by the best copywriters. Studied (not read) the best (and the worst) copies. I studied a ton about behavioral psychology. I even learned how to track and measure sales pages online.

But do you know what the biggest lesson I learned was?

Writing a sales page is not about writing.

To be precise, over 60% of the process of writing a sales page is not about writing. Sometimes the number is even more. I know that sounds odd. But that's the truth.

Then what is the 60%?

It's about observing and thinking about your target buyer, product, and copy. It comes down to answering a few critical questions like:

  • Who exactly is your target buyer?
  • Is your product created for that target buyer?
  • Does it solve their biggest problems?
  • Do they believe in your promise?
  • Will your target buyers readily open their wallets to get grab what you have?

After weeks and months of writing copies for my courses and others, I'm ready to share the process with you.


The Copy On Caffeine Course

Copy On Caffeine is a system that will turn any sales page into a high-converting sales machine. Inside the system is a unique Triple-Filter-Copy process that puts your sales copy through three high-quality filters. In the end, you'll have a highly targeted and compelling sales copy that smells fresh, grabs people by their eyeballs, and opens their wallets.

The refreshingly short course comes packed with a ready-to-implement checklist. Think of it as a recipe book and a user manual.

I specifically created Copy On Caffeine course for creators and solopreneurs selling info products like online courses, memberships, and coaching. This course is not a complete copywriting course. But if you have an info product to sell (and you know your target buyer), this course will help you construct a compelling sales page that sells. 

You'll Get A High-Converting Copy.

Rome was not built in a day — it took a million days (1,010,450 days to be precise). It took a lot of skills and processes to construct the Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica, or the Colosseum. And so is the case with a sales page too.

Copy on Caffeine

You'll get all that knowledge distilled in this course in three parts. We call it the Triple-Filter-Copy process. Regardless of your sales page, you can use this Triple-Filter-Copy process to make it compelling.

Works on Any Sales Pages, Every Time.

Have you used the sales page to generate a few sales before? Or is it a brand new sales page you have? The Triple-Filter-Copy process works on both kinds of sales pages.

You can use the course multiple times for the same sales page. And every time, you will improve your sales page one notch up. Because just like Rome, sales pages are not built in a day.

Oh yes, that's why you will also find a ready-to-use checklist inside this course. You can stick it on the wall near your desk!

Unique Triple-Filter-Copy Works!

Imagine David Ogilvy sitting next to you as you write your sales page. What advice would he give you? Sometimes he would ask you to leave some space around a picture or button. And some other times, he'd explain how to handle objections better. Or even with your headlines.

I designed the Triple-Filter-Copy to work exactly like that. The three filters will help you level up your sales copy in one of the three key aspects-one at a time.

Triple Filter Copy

Karthik, thanks for everything that you've done for me. Your entire copywriting process is AMAZING. Karthik actually helped me go step by step taught me the entire process to effective copywriting and how to create an effective sales page. He actually did it for me he created the entire sales page with its own copy and did it professionally but along the way was most importantly taught me how to do it so I can present that offer and get people to join my membership. And it's already working! All thanks to Karthik! Thank you! This process has been amazing. Your coaching, your consulting, your teaching. I couldn't have done it without you and I can't thank you enough. I highly, highly recommend the Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass series of offerings from Karthik. His approach to writing sales pages WORKS!

Jake Lang

Jake Lang

8x Serial Entrepreneur

Founder, Entrepreneur Ride Along

You'll Also Learn

  • How to use the Rule of One to get readers to keep reading your sales page?
  • What to include in your sales page (and what not to) so your readers stay focused?
  • How to sell any info product (at any price point)?
  • How to win people's trust and get them to buy anything you sell?
  • Learn how to remove any hesitations in your target buyers' minds, so they follow your call to action (and buy!)
  • Include the correct design elements in your sales page that make it compelling for your target buyer to read and take action.
  • How to write a sales copy that makes your target buyers feel like you can read their minds?

What You'll NOT Learn

1. Not A Sales Page Writing Course

This course is not about writing your sales page. Instead, you'll find this course extremely helpful in transforming an existing sales page into one that sells. You can use a ready-made template from the internet to write your sales page and then use this course to take it to a new level.

2. You Won’t Learn Web Page Design

However, the design and layout of the web page are equally important as the copy itself. Inside the course, you may find suggestions on picking font sizes, colors, and the use of images where appropriate.

3. Doesn’t Cover Offer Design

An offer is a vital part of a sales page. But this course assumes you already have an offer. But what the course will help you with is to check if you have an irresistible offer.

Why Copy On Caffeine Course?

We created this course specifically for solopreneurs and creators of info products. We understand you are pressed for time. You are a creator first. And it's challenging to shift from a 'creator mode' to a 'marketer mode'.

Writing a sales copy is not about creative writing. A sales page is not a literary work. The goal of a sales page is to sell a product or service. But we, creators and solopreneurs, ignore this. We are in the creative mind space while creating our products. And when we shift to writing the sales page, we tend to focus on the creative things. Have you found yourself focusing on the design, colors, features, or grammar? Well, that's not your fault. You are a creator first.

That's why we created Copy On Caffeine. So you can let this course guide you (with a gentle nudge) to write a persuasive sales copy. Because we believe your products need to get into the hands of your target buyers. So you can grow your tribe, your business, and change the world.

What's Inside?


In this module, you'll learn the origins and the essential part of this course. In short and crisp videos, you'll learn the human psychology behind the structure of great sales copies. You'll also get an overview of what you'll learn in the course and how you can eventually use this to write your copy.

Pivotal Filter

You are driving down a road that you think will take you to your desired destination. But it's the wrong road. How would you know that? Did you say Google Maps? Well, that's what the Pivotal Filter does to your sales copy.

The Pivotal Filter helps you step-by-step pivot your sales copy in the right direction - one that gets you sales!

In this module, you'll perform 20 short exercises, one step at a time, to transform your copy into one that sells.

Presentation Filter

You have prepared yummy food, but it's scattered all over the table. Desserts, starters, main course, salads, they are all everywhere. In this module, you'll use the Presentation Filter to transform your sales page's presentation.

In short videos, you'll find help to transform your sales page's presentation step-by-step. By the end of this module, you'll have a sales page with all the correct elements presented in the proper order.

Persuasion Filter

At this point, you have all the correct elements on your sales page. You also have laid them in the proper order.

In other words, you have a great menu, and you are serving them in the correct sequence. But unfortunately, no one is eating them. That's a problem. Perhaps, you could use some help to make it compelling to eat.

That's what you will do with the Persuasion Filter. In this module, you'll turn your already solid sales page into a highly-persuasive sales proposal.

Keep Sipping

You now have filtered your sales copy through all the three filters of the Triple-Filter-Copy process. Is your sales copy ready for your launch?

It is! But you know something? There is nothing called the 'perfect' sales copy. It's a myth. Even the most experienced copywriters find faults with their copies.

In this final module, you'll find short videos to help you revisit this course so you can always step up your sales page performance. You're always one change away from turning your sales page into your dream sales machine.

Dan Bennett The Antipreneur-close

"If you care about your clients, you should care about your sales page. The Triple-Filter-Copy system is not just a blueprint or a checklist—it shows how things work, and then how the elements of my business could fit into a flow!"

The first thing I want to say is that as an entrepreneur, you're always worried about how you're communicating. And kind of the scary thing about a sales page is you're not there to communicate in person. So you really want to be thinking about what it is that you're saying and how it's affecting the viewer, the visitor, if you will.

Going through the Triple-Filter-Copy checklist inside the Sales Copy Mastery Masterclass was fantastic. Because most the time people can point out problems, they can say what's wrong, but there's not a solution that follows or you could get a blueprint from the internet for free. And then you look at a checklist and go how in the world do I even implement this!

Being able to go through my page with Karthik point by point--it wasn't just a blueprint or a checklist--it was how things work, and then how the elements of my business could fit into a flow. That just creates better results for me. And I like that a lot because I've had my sales pages and things I've built looked at many times by many people who are like, "yeah, this should be better", but they never told me how to make it better.

And I feel like now after going through this checklist of my sales page with Karthik that I have clarity, and I'm actually super eager to fix some of the problems that are there and to make the page that much better. because in real life, I care about my clients and I know how I can help them. And now in this digital version, I know that I can mirror how I operate in real life and offer a solution that changes lives to my clients, right here on a sales page.

So definitely would recommend going through this process and really looking inward at yourself and and your offer at yourself and and your offer. Because if you care about your clients, you should care about your sales page.

Dan Bennett ‧ Founder, 1MinuteMedia

Special Premium Bonuses


Bonus 1: “Jump Start”

"The Perfect Sales Page Recipe" - A  Sales Page Template That Works worth $97

Writing a sales page is both art and science. The more you write sales pages, the better you get at the art of writing them. But it's easier to master science for one simple reason—science is predictable. Once you see predictable results, you can formulate them or write down the exact steps to reproduce results. Like recipes. Why am I talking about science and recipes?

Because I want to present to you the Perfect Sales Page Recipe, while you can't have the perfect sales page, you can have the perfect recipe—simply because this gets you predictable results. When you use the Perfect Sales Page Recipe, you can churn out sales page outlines in a few minutes. And it works.

You can use the Perfect Sales Page Recipe even if you don't have your online course or membership ready. With this recipe, you don't have to dread the idea of writing a sales page. It helps you get started. Combine this with the Copy On Caffeine course to turn any sales page into a leak-proof, persuasion-loaded sales page.


Bonus 2: “Growth Bonus”

"Sales Page A/B Test Guide" - How to Create a Better Sales Page Step By Step worth $197

You know there is no "perfect" sales page. But there is the art of perfecting your sales page. And you've heard of this idea called A/B Testing. It's this idea that for every version of an idea (A), there's always a better version (B). That sounds too technical? Well, that's why we created the Sales Page A/B Test Guide for solopreneurs and creators.

In this short video training, you'll learn how to create a better sales page every single time. You don't have to shred your sales page into tiny pieces just because it didn't work. And it's not always the color of the button or a headline that can unlock more sales.

Generating sales with a sales page is like a Swiss Lock—you need to move one variable at a time. Often it is a specific combination that suddenly unlocks the sales machine. And this training helps you do just that.

Wendy Pitt Reeves

"The Triple-Filter-Copy system will totally surprise you!"

I just completed my first ever experience with Karthik, and I was impressed. I have been a business owner for over 30 years. I have a lot of experience with sales and marketing. I thought I knew what I was doing here. And I had created a sales page for one particular course that I'm offering, and I reached out to Karthik to get a sense of what I was missing. He saw a few things that I was missing by using his Triple-Filter-Copy system and shared his initial impressions. He found several things that I didn't even realize I was overlooking that was amazingly helpful.

When I reached out to get Karthik's help, I thought my sales page was pretty good. But as I finished the session, I was thinking to myself, "oh, actually, there's a lot of things I need to fix here!" Hmm, who knew? So that is extremely helpful in a way that has been a bit of a surprise to me. If this is what I could get from one consulting call, I can't imagine what value I can find in his courses and masterclasses! The call has been really, really helpful. He does know his stuff. He has a very systematic and careful way of walking you through the process. He's precise about where he thinks you need to go. And he's willing to give you direct feedback just on his impression, which is also helpful. I highly recommend his masterclasses and courses and anything else that he offers in the future.

Wendy Pitt Reeves ‧ Private Practice Coach, Founder



Our "Triple Filter" Guarantee

Everything we create and teach is done in the best interest of our students. But we understand that sometimes things don’t work. Suppose you feel like this product isn’t for you at any time, no worries. You got a whole thirty days. If for some reason you decide not to use this course because you don’t like it (or something else), you can write to us asking for a full refund. And we’ll refund every penny—no questions asked. That's a Triple-Filter guarantee!

You Got Questions?

Will this course help me write my sales page?

No. However, in this course, you'll learn the elements that will need to go into a persuasive sales page.

Will this course also teach how to filter video sales letters?

No. Video Sales Letters or VSLs are very different from sales pages, and that's why we don't mix the two in this course.

When will I get access to the course?

As soon as you key in your credit card details and make the payment, you'll receive an email with a link to access the course.

Will I get access to the instructor? 

No. This masterclass is designed as a do-it-yourself (DIY) video-based online course.

What is the format of instruction inside this course?

This is a video course. You'll also find an accompanying checklist to help you quickly implement the lessons.

Why is this course priced so less? Is there any catch?

Nope. Zilch. The course teaches you a process that's been tried and tested. But this is the first time we're offering this process as a stand-alone course. And we want more people to experience it to get feedback (and make this course even better). So yeah, that explains the price.

Are there limited seats? 

Yes, seats are limited. That’s because we’d like to see you get results. We reach out to all our students after 30 days to understand your experience and get any feedback. And most feedback typically will find its way back into the product itself.

The Copy On Caffeine Course

Copy On Caffeine Course



Course videos

Three Checklists (PDF)

Exclusive Bonuses

"The Perfect Sales Page" - A Sales Page Template That Works (worth $97)

"A/B Test Guide" - How to A/B Test Your Sales Page (worth $197)

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Copy On Caffeine Course



Course videos

Three Checklists (PDF)

Exclusive Bonuses

"The Perfect Sales Page" - A Sales Page Template That Works (worth $97)

"A/B Test Guide" - How to A/B Test Your Sales Page (worth $197)

Special Price



Pay safely with any of these options

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Copy On Caffeine Course



Course videos

Three Checklists (PDF)

Exclusive Bonuses

"The Perfect Sales Page" - A Sales Page Template That Works (worth $97)

"A/B Test Guide" - How to A/B Test Your Sales Page (worth $197)

Special Price



Pay safely with any of these options

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Thanks again,

Karthik Vijayakumar

PS: This course isn’t some random checklist or blueprint. It's an entire process I use for every copy I write. The goal of this course is not to show you the gaps in your sales page. It will also help you fix it. The unique Triple-Filter-Copy process is designed to work like magic. No matter what niche your offer is, this process works. I have recorded videos keeping creators like you in mind. So, don't worry if you don't understand how sales pages work.

I designed the Copy On Caffeine course to help you get results. If any of this resonates with you—you want your sales page to generate sales—get this course now. It will also help you build better products. Please take my word for it. I've been exactly where you are and I got your back. Here's the link. I'll see you inside.

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