Call for Judges

Design Thinking 2023

Design Your Thinking Labs is proud to announce the inaugural DesignThinking 2023 competition, and we are seeking distinguished professionals to join our esteemed panel of judges. As a leading company committed to innovation and excellence in design, we invite individuals who embody the highest standards of creativity, expertise, and ethical conduct to apply for this prestigious role.

Qualifications for Judges

Internationally Recognized

Judges must hold a distinguished international reputation within their specific design discipline, acknowledged for their pioneering contributions and impact on the global design landscape.

Minimum 15 Years Experience

Judges must have a minimum of 15 years of hands-on experience in leading design projects and initiatives, demonstrating mastery and fluency in their craft.

Recipient of Top Industry Awards

Judges should be recipients of prestigious design awards such as the AIGA Medal, Red Dot Design Award, or the Design Museum's Design of the Year, showcasing their exceptional talent and innovation.

Published Thought Leader

Judges must be recognized as thought leaders in design, with a significant body of published work including influential articles, books, and research papers that have shaped the discourse and practice of design thinking.

Global Impact Projects

Judges must have led design projects with a demonstrable global impact, transforming industries, enhancing user experiences, and addressing pressing societal challenges on a worldwide scale.

Extensive Design Product Review Experience

Judges should have extensive experience in evaluating and critiquing design products across various domains, providing insightful analysis and feedback to improve product quality and user experience.

Innovative Solutions Portfolio

Judges must have a portfolio showcasing a diverse range of innovative design solutions that challenge conventions, drive market disruption, and set new industry standards, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to design.

Mentorship and Collaboration

Judges should have a history of mentoring emerging design talent and collaborating with industry peers to foster innovation, elevate standards, and cultivate a vibrant design community.

Exemplary Ethical Standards

Judges must uphold exemplary ethical standards in their practice, demonstrating integrity, fairness, and a commitment to advancing the ethical principles of design thinking.


Judges must demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence in design, consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity, craftsmanship, and user-centricity to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Qualifications for Judges

If you believe you have what it takes to serve as a judge for DesignThinking
2023, please submit the application below by August 31st, 2023 at 10 pm IST.