product mindset communicationIn this Topical Zoom episode, I speak with 6 experts about Mastering the Art of Communication, a key Product Mindset topic. I speak with Daniel Zacarias, Kevin Steigerwald, Tristan Kromer, Indi Young, Sarah Doody and Mona Patel.

Communication is a key aspect of making products, and yet it is so less talked about. Communication is also stereotyped to “mediums” of communication like email, phone, in-person. When someone says “this person’s communication skills is bad/good”, they mostly refer to the way the person speaks or writes. But communication is beyond reading and writing. In this episode, I speak with 6 experts in the field of making products to understand more about communication in the context of making products. We cover things like:

  • forms of communication beyond written or spoken.
  • perspectives of communication
  • importance of communication in product management, design and entrepreneurship

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Links to Guests’ Profiles

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