Content Marketing with Mike FishbeinIn this Topical Zoom episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast, I speak with Mike Fishbein, a Digital marketer, Content marketing and SEO expert and a Self-published author about Everything Product Managers Need to Know about Content Marketing.

Who is Mike Fishbein?

Mike Fishbein is a Digital marketer. Content marketing and SEO expert. Self-published author. As a content marketer, he has grown consumer websites to over 40k unique visitors per month and generated over 10k leads for b2b companies. His content has been published on sites like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, AdAge and The Next Web.

What will you learn about Content Marketing?

  1. Who Mike thinks are the most unorthodox content marketers?
    • Listen to him talk about Dave Asprey from Bulletproof Coffee, what he thinks makes Dave unorthodox and what Mike learnt from him
  2. Who you think are the most impressive, lesser-known teachers in the content marketing space?
    • Mike talks about Brian Dean here, and much more about what makes him unique
  3. What makes Mike different from other inbound marketers, and who have had the biggest influence on Mike?
  4. How successful people and companies that Mike has coached have been in being able to replicate the results?
  5. What are the biggest mistakes Mike sees product makers and startups make when it comes to inbound marketing? What Mike sees as a waste of time in what they do today?
  6. What are Mike’s favorite books & resources on inbound marketing? If people had to teach themselves content marketing, what Mike suggests they do?
  7. Mike’s 4-8 week coaching plan for me to do content marketing right

Remember: As Product Managers, the idea is not to be an expert at Content Marketing. We need to be dangerous enough to be able to understand and deal with content marketers and participate in conversations without feeling like a deer-in-headlights.

Useful Links

Mike’s website –

Dave Asprey’s blog –

Brian Dean’s website –

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