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LP005: How to Use Quizzes for Audience Segmentation and Online Course Assessments with Trudy Rankin


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In the fifth episode of The Launch Plan podcast, we continue the lead generation trail from the previous episode with how to use quizzes for lead segmentation and course retention.

What happens when you have a lead? How can you learn more about your leads? How do use that intelligence to create new courses or other info products? And how can you use quizzes to help you with segmenting your leads and how can you use quizzes to improve course retention and completion?

These are what we discuss inside this episode specifically for online course creators. Everyone talks about segmenting your audience. The question however is HOW can I do it? What if the tool you use for segmenting your audience can also help your students complete their courses (and give you shining testimonials)?

We have someone that’s been practicing the art of using quizzes for segmentation and leveling-up her online courses. She is an ex-CIO turned entrepreneur that is building a program and a community. Join Karthik in this conversation with Trudy Rankin.

The very act of answering questions can often trigger an aha moment for people. So you have a really ideal opportunity to present. information to people or training or theory, and then use a diagnostic tool to set a baseline to help embed the learning so that you get them to learn some stuff. I'm talking about asking people questions that will make them think about where they are. And then showing them the results in a visual way so that they can see, ah, that's where I am. Here's where I want to get to, what do I need to do in between? And then you can use that or what do I need to do in between to introduce the next module

Trudy Rankin
Founder, Online Business Lift-Off

After years in Chief Information Officer and Business Technology manager roles, Trudy Rankin fulfilled a life-long dream and started her own business. It only took a couple of months for her to realize she didn’t have a clue what she was doing.

So she started the Online Business Lift-Off program and community specifically for people who need to fit their work around their life and not the other way around. She and her team have just finished running the OBL program here in Australia for over 100 carers and people over 50 who are unemployed or at risk of unemployment.

Check out this special link that Trudy created just for the listeners of The Launch Plan:


And here’s a link to the blog Throughout History that Trudy mentions in the show.

I also mention SPI Pro in the episode. If you are an entrepreneur or creator that’s interested in a community of entrepreneurs and creators, join SPI Pro with this special link and join the waitlist.

If you don’t use email software, consider using ConvertKit. You can signup for free, plus it helps you do a lot of segmentation in your emails using tagging. Here’s a special link to signup for ConvertKit for free.

A big “thank you” to Trudy for joining us for this episode. And “thank you” to you for taking the time to listen. Please leave the show a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.

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