nir erlichIn this Focus Forty episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast, I talk to Nir Erlich about his success & thinking and the Product Mindset.

Who is Nir Erlich?

Nir Erlich is a serial entrepreneur and product guy who currently is the Co-founder of, an Agile Product Management tool that’s built for agile and lean product discovery, planning and communication. One of the companies he Co-founded earlier, RayV, was acquired by Yahoo. He has been making products most of his life. He enjoys Kitesurfing and Snowboarding when he is not at work.

In this particular episode, you will learn

  1. What makes Nir successful?
  2. How Nir keeps himself productive?
  3. Balance between being productive and being creative?
  4. How Nir makes decisions?
  5. Nir’s view of how the discipline of Product Management would change in the next 5 years
  6. How does Nir see the role of a Product Manager evolve in the years to come?
  7. Nir shares an empathy test towards the end of this episode – try it!

Useful Links

Nir Erlich on Twitter @nirerlich

Craft on Twitter @CreateWithCraft –

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