DYT 040 : Harnessing Curiosity to Understand Customer Needs | Scott Sehlhorst - Design Your Thinking

DYT 040 : Harnessing Curiosity to Understand Customer Needs | Scott Sehlhorst

In this Focus Forty episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast, I talk to Scott Sehlhorst who is a Product Management and Strategy Consultant about harnessing curiosity to understanding customer needs.

Who is Scott Sehlhorst?

Scott Sehlhorst is passionate about helping companies create great products – from large companies navigating internal complexity and overcoming institutional momentum to startups trying to be market-driven without becoming bogged down in bureaucracy.

As a product management and strategy consultant, he mainly focuses on closing the gap between executive vision and team execution.

What will you learn?

  1. Reason why Scott is successful?
    • Harnessing curiosity
  2. How Scott manages to stay productive?
    • Time management
  3. Balancing the creative and productive sides of being a Product Manager
    • Listen to Scott’s in-depth view on creativity and how he balances it with being productive
  4. What are the 3 things that Scott believes is important in developing a Product Mindset?
    • Outside-in view, Company strategy alignment and Emotional Intelligence
  5. Anti-Patterns Scott sees in product companies and startups
    • Solving the right problem, founders vision, customer-driven
  6. Roadmap vs Release Plan
  7. How does Scott see the future of products and product management?
    • Change in economies, Decentralization
  8. Scott’s advise to product managers
  9. Impact Mapping exercise

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