customer feedbackIn this Focus Forty episode, I speak with Mona Patel, the Founder and CEO of Motivate Design on getting customer feedback and hearing NO as YES.

Who is Mona Patel?

Mona Patel is a dynamic entrepreneur with 17 years experience convincing leaders at some of the world’s biggest brands to understand, value and optimize their customers’ experiences—not to mention, she’s the bestselling author of Reframe and Founder & CEO of Motivate Design, a UX research, design and staffing agency.

What you will learn – Customer feedback, designing your calendar and more!

  1. The one reason why Mona is successful as a product maker
  2. How does Mona manage to stay productive as a product person?
  3. Staying creative while being productive – How does Mona manage this balance?
  4. Three “things” that come’s to Mona’s mind, that he believes product designers and makers should focus on in developing a product mindset?
  5. Biggest mistakes Product Designers make – Mona’s views
  6. How does Mona see the notion of products change in the next 5 years?
  7. Evolution of the roles of a Product Designer – Mona’s view
  8. Mona’s advice to Product Makers

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