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How DYT Labs Helped Customery Successfully Rebrand And Dramatically Improve Conversion Rates


Brand Voice

Captured brand voice through deep-dive workshops with the founder and clients.

Optimized Offers

Created page-level offers optimized for each customer segment.

Conversion Focused Copy

Crafted conversion-focused copy based on messaging hierarchy for each page.

About the Company

Customery is a consulting and training company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The company was founded in 2008 by Neil Benson, after exiting a sales agency business. Customery helps Microsoft Customers and Partners successfully deliver Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects using Scrum.


Customery experienced significant growth in its business, primarily attributed to consulting services and online courses. Notably, the majority of course sales were business-to-business (B2B) transactions. Customery's clientele mainly comprised Microsoft customers and partners who acquired courses through bulk license purchases invoiced by Customery. However, Neil Benson, the founder of Customery, envisioned a shift towards a self-serve model on the website. The goal was to empower individuals working for Microsoft customers or partners to directly purchase individual courses without the necessity of relying on bulk or group purchases.


In response to Customery's evolving needs and offerings, the company underwent significant transformations since its establishment in 2008, initially focusing on Neil's consulting services. Over time, Customery expanded its repertoire to encompass a diverse range of offerings, including short training sessions, multi-day workshops, and online courses. Some of these programs were designed for individual participants, while others targeted specific teams.

During interviews with Customery's clients, a notable observation was the high level of trust they placed in Neil himself. Understanding the importance of maintaining this trust, we incorporated this key insight into the solution. Additionally, Neil expressed a desire for the copy to exude a touch of "playfulness." This valuable feedback was taken into consideration from the outset, guiding the tone and approach as we embarked on the initial draft of the solution.

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Diversified Program Offerings

Customery's solution encompasses a broad spectrum of services, ranging from Neil's consulting expertise to versatile short trainings, multi-day workshops, and online courses, ensuring flexibility to meet the varied needs of both individuals and teams.

Client-Centric Trust Building

Acknowledging the profound trust clients place in Neil, the solution prioritizes fostering and maintaining strong client relationships as a cornerstone, underscoring Customery's commitment to reliability and partnership.

Balanced Tone with Playfulness

Infusing the copy with a touch of "playfulness" as per Neil's preference, the solution achieves a harmonious blend of professionalism and approachability, creating a unique and engaging communication style that resonates with a diverse audience.


The revamped website copy for Customery has undergone optimization across various dimensions.

Specifically designed to address the needs of the company's three primary customer segments, each page on the new website reflects a meticulously crafted messaging hierarchy, derived from thorough client interviews.

Notably, the key pages on the website feature tailored offers that are finely tuned to resonate with and cater to specific customer segments.

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Our website has some right pieces, but the copy is so dry and yuck. Since my business has done well, I had a sizable budget for my website revamp. And I decided to go for the best. We hired one of Australia's top design agencies for website design and DYT Labs for copy. Karthik's work is fantastic. I needed the website to reflect the 'playfulness' of our brand. And I love how the copy nails it!

Neil Benson


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