customer feedbackIn this Topical Zoom episode, I speak with Hannah Chaplin, CEO & Co-founder of Receptive, a Product Demand Intelligence for SaaS companies, about data and customer feedback.

Customer feedback is a very important aspect of any product (or service). That said, the lack of action (or inaction) on customer feedback is one of the most common challenges Product Managers face. It seems like this inaction can be due to various reasons. In this episode, I speak with Hannah Chaplin, whose company makes tools for managing “intelligence” around the product. I ask her 3 questions:

  1. to understand how she thinks about decision making (on feedback)
  2. prioritizing feedback, and
  3. strategies to manage customer feedback.

So, If you’ve had experience handling customer feedback, do chip-in with a comment about your experience. If you haven’t, I urge you to listen in.

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Who is Hannah Chaplin?

Hannah is CEO & Co-founder at Receptive; Product Demand Intelligence for SaaS companies. She helps software organizations from all around the world harness feedback from their customers, teams and markets to enable data-informed product decisions. As an international speaker, she has taught countless product managers and business owners about the benefits of Product Demand Intelligence.

What you will learn – Customer Feedback and more!

  1. Can you give our listeners a quick background about yourself?
  2. Firstly, it seems like everyone wants data. As Product Managers we have multiple touch points with people and tools. We are also constantly making decisions. How do you look at data and decision making?
  3. As Product Managers, we soon end up getting a competing set of tasks and other activities that are vying for our attention. How do you personally prioritize at work? Let’s maybe keep it specific to customer feedback.
    • How have you seen the best teams do this? Have you learnt something new?
  4. Finally, data can get pretty darn messy if we don’t handle it well. Customer feedback is no less. Can you talk about the best ways to manage the data generated by customer feedback?

Continued in Episode 117.

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