content marketingIn this Topical Zoom episode, I speak with Mike Fishbein, a content marketing and SEO expert and Vedanarayanan Vedantham, a digital marketing expert in a 30 minute Marketing Masterclass for Product Managers.

Mike Fishbein

Mike Fishbein is a Digital marketer. Content marketing and SEO expert. Self-published author. As a content marketer, he has grown consumer websites to over 40k unique visitors per month and generated over 10k leads for b2b companies. His content has been published on sites like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, AdAge and The Next Web.

Vedanarayanan Vedantam

Vedanarayanan Vedantam (Veda) is an Independent Consultant & former Head of marketing globally for Simplilearn. Before this avatar, he helped grow and scale multiple consumer internet businesses across travel and fashion verticals. He graduated from the CMO Academy – INSEAD Singapore in 2015 and he is a member of the India CMO Council Advisory Board.

He also happens to be a creative fiction writer. Conceptualized a fictional character – Prince Surya and published 4 e-books on Amazon as part of the “Adventures of Prince Surya” series.

What will you learn – Biggest Mistakes!!

You will learn about the biggest mistakes Product Managers make from these 5 successful product management experts.

  1. Biggest mistakes product teams, startups and product managers make with content and digital marketing
  2. How do the best product management teams work with marketing teams
  3. A 4-week plan to launch your digital product

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