Discover your passion. In this episode of Season 2 of The Design Your Thinking Podcast I sit down with Vithya Hair and Makeup artist to listen to her story from fighting depression, to discovering her passion to how she became one of the UK’s top Makeup Artists and a Youtube and Instagram star.

Who is Vithya?

Vithya is a Sri Lankan Tamil hair and makeup artist who grew up in Germany lived in London for 20 years and has now moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

discover your passion vithya hair and makeupWhy Should You Listen to Vithya?

There are plenty of reasons why you should listen to Vithya. Let me give the top 3:

  1. She’s seen the life of a refugee first-hand.
  2. Experienced depression at a very early age and has been spearheading awareness for a long time.
  3. She changed (rather, found) her career and followed her heart to feel both fulfilled and happy.

What Does She Talk about in this Interview?

  1. Her early childhood.
  2. Relationship with Parents, and specifically her Dad.
  3. Her struggle to find an identity for herself as a person and later in her career.
  4. Walks through the decisions that shaped her life and career.
  5. Her views on Pace vs Perfection.
  6. She answers my question of how the social network was helpful for her.
  7. She talks about cyberbullying.
  8. About posting pictures online.
  9. I asked her “how fulfilled she is today”, and she answers that.
  10. She also describes how she would start her life if given a second chance.
  11. And, answers my question on plans and education.

How Can You Listen?

Vithya’s interview is available both in audio and video. But here’s a reason why you must listen to both:

  1. The audio takes a narrative style to walk through topics 1-4 (from the previous section).
  2. The video is an unfiltered conversation (over 1.5 hours)

Direct Link to Audio

Direct Link to Video

How to Get In Touch with Vithya?


Instagram: @vithyahairandmakeup

YouTube: @vithyamakeup

Facebook: @vithyamakeup

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