Jon Nastor

In this Topical Zoom episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast, I talk to Jon Nastor about a product that he recently pulled the plug on. We get deep into the story and understand some of the key learnings from shutting down a successful product.

Who is Jon Nastor?

Jon Nastor is a digital entrepreneur, writer, and punk rock drummer. He’s the host of a popular podcast called Hack the Entrepreneur where he’s done 250+ interviews with entrepreneurs from all over the world, driving 2.1 million downloads. When he’s not podcasting, he builds software and travels the world with his family.

In this particular episode, you will learn

  1. The story of VelocityPage, a WordPress plugin
  2. How Jon went about deciding on the product and finding a co-founder?
  3. How Jon and his co-founder went about deciding to work on this product 3 years ago?
  4. When did the thought of closing down VelocityPage cross your mind first, and how did you go about handling that thought?
  5. Jon’s biggest learnings from this exercise
  6. Advice to new product makers who are planning to build a WordPress plugin
  7. Advice on how to find the right business partner & establish a contract upfront for seamless execution

Useful Links

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How to Choose the Right Business Partner (7 Tips I have Learned Overtime) by Syed Balkhi –

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