Jobs To Be DoneIn this Friday Fifteen episode, I will teach you the Jobs To Be Done technique that will help you think about problems from the end users’ perspective and make better products

As product makers it matters most as to how we build our products. Are we looking to build a product and expect customers to use it, or are we looking to build a product that fits into our customers’ lives? Are we in pursuit of the real problem or in pursuit of building a product that we think will solve the problem?

In this particular episode, you will learn

In this episode we’ll learn a secret formula that will help you make products that people actually love.

Take Away

End of the day, people buy products….or, should I say “hire” products to get their jobs done. While products may come and go, these Jobs To Be Done will always remain. It doesn’t matter what your product offers, the features it has or that of your competitors products, people will always have Jobs To Be Done.

That said, given the other dimensions that affect people on a day-to-day basis, like technology, geography, social and political conditions, people will always look for more value from the products they use. So focusing on the jobs to be done, and enhancing your end users’ experience by adding value is the key to your product’s success.

To maximize the chance of making your product or solution more impactful, focus on the Jobs for which your end users are looking for painkillers, and not vitamins.

Thanks for listening to the episode and I hope you learnt something new. More importantly, I hope you’ll do something with it. You can find the transcript of this episode and the links to articles I referred to in the show notes. You can find the show notes at

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