The 30 Day Mission: First 90 Days for Product Managers and Makers

The 30-Day Product Mission

How to Jump Start Your New Job In A Product Role

This book was written for Product Managers, but really applicable to anyone working in Product companies and teams.

The average Product Manager enjoys the honeymoon period, but the Kick-Ass Product Manager is always on the job. Kick-Ass Product Managers show results from Day One.

In this eBook, The 30 Day Mission {Product}, I walk you through an action-packed plan to get you started as a Kick-Ass Product Manager. The 30 Day Mission {Product} is a themed book, and uses analogies from military and warfare to set you up for challenges every day.

Book Contents

  1. Get Ready To Jump
  2. Meet The Colonel & Mission Brief
  3. Companies & Platoons
  4. Know Your People
  5. The Colonel’s Order
  6. Lay Of The Land
  7. What’s In Your Backpack?
  8. Mission Debrief

BONUS: Templates and Checklist with updates for life!

The eBook is intentionally kept short and to the point. It’s for those who want to TAKE ACTION and MEASURE outcome from the very first day. Every chapter is accompanied with illustrations and tips that are designed to make YOU successful in your first 30 days.

This eBook is written by keeping in mind that most of us read eBooks on our laptops. Also I do understand that some of us are comfortable taking a print of materials for reference – the eBook is written in black and white to help you get the best printed copy possible.

I greatly appreciate your feedback as comments in this page. You can send me an email if that’s what you are comfortable doing – just reply to the email I send you along with the eBook copy!

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  • Karthikeyan Chellappa says:

    I went through the 30 day product mission yesterday, nicely designed, my key takeaways were

    1) How to remember people in a meeting
    2) SWOT analysis for a customer account
    3) Product Demo from QA, Sales & Support with accompanying questions
    4) Time management tips

    It would be nice if you add more examples esp for sections like The Persona Card, Customer Journey Map and Basic Financial Metrics. Thanks a ton for making this!

    • Karthik says:

      Awesome, Karthikeyan! Examples – noted! Many have asked for examples and an expanded version of the book. Will surely reach out for more feedback. Thanks!

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