product managementIn this Focus Forty episode, I speak with Christina Wodtke, product designer, design thinker, teacher and author about the product mindset and the future of product management and design.

Who is Christina Wodtke?

Christina has helped grow companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo, Zynga, the New York Times and numerous startups throughout Silicon Valley. She’s the author of 101 Theses on Design, the upcoming Product / Market Fit and the business fable book Radical Focus, which uses the power of story to build a new approach to OKRs. Christina currently teaches at California College of the Arts and Stanford’s Continuing Education program. She speaks worldwide about humanity, teamwork, and the journey to excellence.

What you will learn – Productivity Hacks and more!

  1. Christina’s 3 key Product Mindset ideas
  2. How does Christina see the notion of products change in the next 5 years?
  3. Evolution of the roles of a Product Manager / Designer – Christina’s view
  4. Christina’s advice to Product Makers

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