find problems worth solvingDo you want to make money? Find Problems Worth Solving and Solve them!

That’s sounds like a sagely advice. But how do I really do it?

Well that’s exactly the reason I decided to write this article. In this article I’m going to share a very simple-yet-super-effective way to find problems worth solving online.

Can I use this to start an online business?

Yes, you can use this article to start any business — online or offline.

Let’s start with a question to you:

What do people do when they have a problem?

They seek answers. Right?

In the digital world, people go to…

Google! That’s right.

Interestingly when I asked this question to people here’s what they told me:

“We go to the internet.” and they opened Google on their smartphones.

For most people Google is the internet.

So let’s take an example. Let’s say you want to find shoes for wider feet. You then go to Google and type “shoes for wider feet”.

But where else would people go to?

The next place where you’d most likely go is Quora. The answer would’ve been Yahoo! Answers before.

Once in quora you’d look for topics like “Shoes” perhaps. And in there, you’d look for all questions people are asking about shoes for wider feet.

So let’s look at both these approaches separately:

  1. Using Google to Find Problems
  2. Take Quora’s Help to Find Problems Worth Solving

Let’s look at how we could use Google. Shall we?

1. Use Google to Find Problems Worth Solving

If you’ve chosen to go with Google, you should use Answer The Public. It’s a free tool that uses Google behind the scenes to find out what people are searching for.

It’s a simple tool that allows you to type a topic of interest to trigger a massive search.

Search for what?

It searches for questions, prepositions and ideas related to that topic, based on what people are really searching for on Google Search.

At this point you will see results like what you see in the picture below.

Find Problems Worth Solving

Now that’s a lot of questions!

But how do you find out those questions that people are searching for the most?

Keywords Everywhere

Signup for Keywords Everywhere, a tool that embeds the Search volume, CPC & competition data from Google on over 16 websites including

Here’s what Keywords Everywhere does to your questions:

find problems worth solving

If you look at the questions closely, you see that they now have some numbers at the end. These represent the Search Volume, Cost Per Click (CPC) and Competition for each question.

You should focus on the first number. It essentially shows how many times people have searched for that exact question in Google Search!

Isn’t that cool?

Question = Problem

If people have searched for a question a significantly more than the others, it’s perhaps something they are looking for an answer for.

Perhaps it’s worth your time to help them find an answer to that question.

Now that’s the secret of using Google for finding out problems worth solving!

Stay with me till the end to find out what to do once you have picked a question.

But now, let’s look at the second approach of finding problems worth solving — using Quora. Shall we?

2. How to Use Quora to Find Problems Worth Solving?

You can go about using Quora as a separate approach. But…

It will work even better if you can use Quora in continuation to the above method (using Google). I’ll explain both.

Warning: This is not going to be a cake-walk like it was with the first approach!

Let’s take “shoes for wider feet”. What would you do inside Quora?

First thing is to look for a topic closest to what we are searching for. In this case, it’s “Shoes”.

find problems worth solving

As you see in the above picture, Quora starts to show you “Related Topics”.

So you can start with these topics, or just type your search phrase “shoes for wide feet” in the search on top. Either one is great.

One of the reasons I love places like Quora and ‘forums’ is because of people. Real people say real things.

Digging For Quality in Quora

Yes, there are some who are there for getting attention. But hey…don’t forget the secret of Quora — the Upvote!

As you start reading questions and their answers, the most relevant answer is often on the top. This is because of Quora’s Upvote system.

Upvote = Better

‘Upvote’ an answer if you found it accurate or helpful. And the answer rises higher than the ones with lesser ‘upvotes’.

Now looking for relevant answers with more ‘upvotes’ will help you get a better understanding of that topic. And that’s the goal with Quora.

Got a question that’s not available in Quora? Submit it, and invite people you know to answer the question for you.

When you use Quora after finding the right questions from Google, you are developing a deeper understanding of the problem.

People Often Don’t Know their Problems

Often times people don’t complain about their problems. They complain about the symptoms.

But you have a lot of clarity now. It could be that you have a lot of things to share on the topic. Perhaps you have wide feet and you know a thing or two about buying shoes.

At this point you could do one of two things:

  1. Write an answer on Quora. Invite others you know to read your answer and get a discussion going.
  2. You can alternatively write a blog post (Medium or LinkedIn is a great place). Again, share it with people who you believe can contribute to the discussion.

Share Your Learnings

No matter what you are searching for, there are many others who are doing it too. Remember the “search volume” from Keywords Everywhere?

If you’ve found a problem worth solving, write about it. Haven’t really found the exact problem yet? Still write about it.

We don’t build solutions to problems in isolation. The more you share, the more people get to know that you are after something worthwhile.

You might find interested people following you. Some might collaborate with you. No matter what, you are validating the problem.

Get People Behind Your Idea

Whatever you do — write an answer on Quora or write a blog, share it with relevant people. Start blogging on Medium or create a WordPress blog. Or even better, start a podcast.

Case Study: While we are talking about starting something from validation, I did this a few years ago with my podcast. Read the full article where I shared how I built a show from scratch to over 200,000+ downloads in just 11 months.

No matter what, doing what I show in this article is far better than waiting for a problem to drop on your lap.

Even if someone did knock your door asking you to solve a problem, it’s only wise to validate if it’s worthwhile solving it. So go ahead and start acting!

Leave a comment below and let me know if this article has helped you finding problems worth solving. If it was, I appreciate you sharing this article with your friends.

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