FREE Podcasting Course

No Nonsense, Step-by-Step Course on Starting and Launching Your Podcast in 4 weeks. It's FREE because we believe it should be.

  • Get Started with Podcasting. A Step-by-Step process to Start Your Podcast in 4 weeks.
  • Absolutely No Nonsense. No need to pick a $400 mic or build a home studio with great acoustics. None of that.
  • It's FREE. No information is held back.

100% No Spam. It's my personal guarantee!


Hey! It's me, Karthik

"I'm glad to have you here. Podcasting one thing I enjoy, and I'm here to help you with everything I can to get you started. The promise is simple - you'll have a podcast by the end of this course in 4 weeks. Get ready to express yourself! See you on the inside!"

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