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No Nonsense, Step-by-Step Course on Starting and Launching Your Podcast in 4 weeks. It's FREE because we believe it should be.

  • Absolutely No Nonsense. No need to pick a $400 mic or build a home studio with great acoustics. None of that.
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I had no clue where to begin launching my podcast. Figuring out where to start, which mic to use and how to get the best sound. I felt defeated and procrastinated a lot in launching the podcast. With all the difficulties I was facing I was no longer motivated. To launch my podcast by mid-December. And I want it to be professional and high quality.

But that's when I discovered Karthik, and it just took one video call. I am using every bit of his advice as I lay a proper foundation for my podcast. I also found a mic! The best mic for my podcast. I’m more confident in pushing forward with recording my podcast.

Tina Baker

Hey! It's me, Karthik

"I'm glad to have you here. Podcasting one thing I enjoy, and I'm here to help you with everything I can to get you started. The promise is simple - you'll have a podcast by the end of this course in 4 weeks. Get ready to express yourself! See you on the inside!"

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