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Learning is never complete until you put what you learnt to practice. Effective learning requires good self-awareness and key to motivating you to take the learning all the way to the end – practice. I have been a big advocate of actionable learning and hence put together this special page just to help you get started and take action.

The Design Your Thinking blog has a lot of resources for learning product skills. I strongly recommend you get started with the following.

Top Articles

first 90 days as product manager

First 90 Days as Product Manager

The best Product Managers spend the first 90 days of their new role in sharpening their axe. Here are 32 winning tips to get you going as a Product Manager. No matter you are a product manager or not, this article is sure to get you supercharged. This article is accompanied by an eBook that you can find below.

What readers had to say…

“You just can’t go wrong with putting a process in place, no matter how simple it might be. Good article.” – Eric Olson, VP of Marketing & Product Management at PureTech Systems (link)

“Good piece and sage advice. However, it’s absolutely critical for the product manager to get out of the office (NIHITO) and talk to users and customers ASAP! Nothing trumps the voice of he customer.” – Daniel Ginsberg, SVP Global Product Strategy at Pearson Plc (link)

“This is a great check-list to keep in mind – not just for the first 90 days at a company but even the first 90 days of a new product or department.” – Drew Bixby, Director of Product Management at DoubleHorn (link)


Exploring the Product Mindset

A Product Mindset is a set of beliefs, skills, qualities and techniques that successful product makers possess, that allows them to learn, push through challenges and setbacks, master new skills and tap into the success of their peers and others. This article sets the tone for the rest of the blog and the podcast.

45 neuro design hacks

45 Neuro Design Hacks Every Product Manager Should Know

Product Managers spend a lot of time trying to understand the market, interviewing customers and looking at financials to make sense of the changes in demand, conversion, and more. Here are 45 neuro-design hacks that can help you design products that users love.

Handpicked Resources

handpicked resources

Handpicked Resources

Making products is a lot of fun, so long as you know how to effectively manage our work and everything around us. I have curated a bunch of tools and other resources that I have personally used and benefited tremendously from.



30-Day Product Mission

The average Product Manager enjoys the honeymoon period, but the Kick-Ass Product Manager is always on the job. Kick-Ass Product Managers show results from Day One.

In this eBook, The 30 Day Mission, I walk you through an action-packed plan to get you started as a Kick-Ass Product Manager. The 30 Day Mission is a themed book, and uses analogies from military and warfare to set you up for challenges every day.


Product Mindset Primer

I have used this thing called the mindset exercise during my coaching and mentoring sessions. I took the mindset exercise and created the Product Mindset Primer to help you trigger your learning in the right direction. The Product Mindset Primer will be updated regularly.

You can now download the Product Mindset Primer now to:

1. Evaluate and plan learning new product skills
2. Assess your product mindset
3. Aid focused learning

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