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I'm Karthik, and I'm both happy and excited you're here! In this page I'll help you get started. But first, I want to share something with you. Something that captures the essence behind this podcast, blog and other resources you'll find here. I share the one thing that started and continues to drive Design Your Thinking.

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The Design Your Thinking Manifesto to help you get started

what exactly is Following Your Heart?

People refer to the phrase follow your heart in many different ways. But here is my definition.

Taking time every day to explore your interests, connect with like-minded people and learn something new.

In other words, when we follow our heart we are discovering our superpowers. We are creating happiness.


It's about making time to explore our interests. It could be just a tiny thing we do at work or perhaps it's a hobby or a sport. We give ourselves the permission to explore.Add 


It's about making time to seek people, communities that will help us do more of what we enjoy doing. We know that these connections really make a difference.


Likewise, even if we are super busy at work or just otherwise, we make time to learn new things to further our interests or just learn something completely new.

We are a sum of the choices we make.

There is obviously a lot more to talk about. But it all boils down to the choices we make. I recommend you start off by listening to an interview below.

In the interview I sit down with Karen Dillon, the former editor of Harvard Business Review, where she talks about how she quit her high profile job to do something she always wanted to.

It's About The Choices You Make

Like many young and aspiring journalists, during her college days, Karen Dillon dreamt of being the editor of the Rolling Stone magazine. She ended up joining Harvard Business Review and rising to the top as the Editor of the publication.

Karen had a great time as the editor of the publication and even ended up doing a lot of great stuff, as she describes in the interview. All was going great until this meeting she had with someone.

Listen to this interview with Karen Dillon, where she talks about her journey and describes this meeting. She describes the choices she had to make, and why she made them.

Do I need to Be An Entrepreneur?

Absolutely not.

There is so much of pressure in the world today to be successful. Become an entrepreneur, get that big promotion, get a massive raise, buy an expensive car. People are under a lot of undue pressure. I just ask you to give yourself the permission to take time to explore your interests.

Be the best version of yourself.

Our thinking, beliefs and abilities are limited by many factors as we grow up. In contrast, I really believe that happiness and fulfillment are found outside these limits.

In here, you'll find stories from people across the planet who have just followed their heart to become the best version of themselves.

You'll find stories of people who've become entrepreneurs, discovered the artist inside, become solopreneurs, adventure seekers, started non-profits, made a living off of their hobbies and a lot more.

The bottom line is this: are you having fun?

How do I Get Started?

Following your heart is a journey of sorts. Redefining your career and life starts with self discovery. Some of us think we know, some are quiet unsure like I was at first.

So here are a few resources I laid down for you, based on what has worked for me and many others I've interviewed. In the sections below, I have details for each of this.

  • 1
    Discover: Start with an understanding about yourself and how to explore your interests and scale them. I recommend you read the 4 books I have in the sections below.
  • 2
    Evolve: Start to write about your journey exploring your interests. I met so many new people and got to know my superpowers even better when I started to blog and later my podcast. You can start writing a journal too.
  • 3
    Create: Create your personal brand online. In today's world, people find information and other people online. Therefore it's important for you to create an identity for yourself online. A personal brand is less about the visuals and more about how deep you know yourself and your superpowers.

#1 books to get you started Get Them First

I have handpicked these 4 books of the many I've read. Here's why you should read these 4 books:

  • How Will You Measure Your Life
  • The One Thing
  • Screw It, Lets Do It
  • The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. This book actually gave me the courage to take my interests to a whole new level. This book is all about becoming high performing and highly efficient at what you are doing. If you are at a point where you decide to turn your interests into money, this is the book you should read!

  • How Will You Measure Your Life
  • The One Thing
  • Screw It, Lets Do It
  • The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. This book actually gave me the courage to take my interests to a whole new level. This book is all about becoming high performing and highly efficient at what you are doing. If you are at a point where you decide to turn your interests into money, this is the book you should read!

#2 A Website & Blog Be Heard, Stand Out

I hope you've read the 4 books above.

Reading a book is just one part. The internalization really happens when we start to get it out of our head. A blog helps you do just that. Plus, it helps you stand out and be heard.

A website is essentially a blog plus a few more pages that focuses on some specific things you do including about yourself. Good examples of these pages would be an About page, a Resources page, a Podcast page, a Getting Started page (like this one) and many more.

Creating a blog or a website is simple and takes just a few minutes. Here are my recommendations to getting started with creating your blog or your website.

  • 1
    Always pick Wordpress for your blog or website. Wordpress is free and gives you total control even when you have zero background in blogging.
  • 2
    Get a domain name of your choice. Domain names play a key role in identifying yourself or what you want to stand-out for. Make sure you grab a .com domain first (I get them for cheap at NameCheap).
  • 3
    Always get a self-hosted Wordpress website. Wordpress.com is a great start. However if you want better control on your website (like no annoying Ads, a customized homepage, a podcast homepage, etc.), I recommend you pick a self-hosted Wordpress site.

The website hosting I Use and Trust

I have been hosting websites on Wordpress for over 12 years. A year back, I switched all my websites to SiteGround. Why?

Simply because they are transparent and their support teams offer hands-on support 24x7. Plus, they have one-click install support for Wordpress and most other content management softwares.

You can host multiple websites with one hosting package. Furthermore, they also have offer free SSL certificates for all your websites. With just one click setup for SSL, you build instant trust with your audience.

I very highly recommend using SiteGround for your website, and you can get started right now for $3.95/month.


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