DYT 053 : 7 Easy Steps to Holistic Product Thinking | Karthik

product thinkingIn this Friday Fifteen episode, I teach you to use 7 Techniques for holistic Product Thinking, that will help you think through your product and make sure it’s fully ready to be presented to a customer from the very first day.

In this particular episode, you will learn

  • 7 Steps / techniques to think through your product
  • Think along the following lines
    1. List of qualified buyers
    2. The Irresistible Offer
    3. Sales Page
    4. Affiliate Network
    5. Pre-launch Content
    6. Emails that people cannot resist opening
    7. Monetization Model

Other Episodes Mentioned within this Episode

  • Introduction to Monetization Model (Click here to listen)
  • 6-Steps to Value-based Pricing (Episode 50)
  • Product Launch Preparedness Checklist (Episode 47)

Karthik Vijayakumar

Managing Partner at Design Your Thinking Labs. Storyteller, producer, copywriter, digital marketer, and artist. Helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs and brands. Husband to a makeup artist, dad to a 7-year old.

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