In this Topical Zoom episode, I speak with Babu Vittal, Head of Human Resources at ShopClues, about Design Thinking and the Human Resources Mindset. He talks about what makes him successful and also shares his fresh perspectives on Human Resources management in today’s digital world.

Who is Babu Vittal?

Babu has about 2 decades of HR professional experience and specializes in start-up industry, organisation design and leadership coaching. He works very closely with start-up founders at senior management levels and has been part of amazing growth history of India’s poster boy in e-commerce, Flipkart. Babu currently heads HR for Shopclues, start-up of the year 2016.

He has worked with high profile start-ups, managed digital transformation for organisations, worked on intra and inter company M&A. He has effectively leveraged technology on all facets of human resources and has extensive experience in talent management. Babu is and Electronics Engineer and alumni of XLRI. Babu is a design thinker and did his design thinking program through Stanford University in 2015.

What will you learn?

  • Why Babu thinks a Human Resources Expert is a maker?
  • What makes Babu stand-out successful as a human resources expert and people maker?
  • Babu’s secrets of staying productive
  • How Babu manages to keep the balance between staying creative and being productive as a people maker?
  • What Babu means by something likeĀ “managed digital transformations” in his profile?

Useful Links

  • Babu’s Twitter handle @babu4478
  • Babu onĀ LinkedIn
  • Reach Babu via email – babu4478 at gmail

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