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The Launch Plan is all about online product launches. On the show, we discuss and deconstruct online product launches. The listeners of this show are primarily creators or small business owners.

If you are a online course creator, podcaster, coach or service provider, or if you're building your personal brand online, listen to the show and follow us.

In the first season of the podcast we focus on online courses with guests diving into topics like cohort-based courses, email marketing, audience segmentation, creating irresistible offers, pricing strategies, traffic generation, mindset, course video creation, and more.

Topics Covered In Season One

  1. 1
    Why, When, and How to Create Cohort-Based Courses?
  2. 2
    How to Create Irresistible Offers?
  3. 3
    Community Building and Business.
  4. 4
    How to do Email Marketing Right?
  5. 5
    How to Segment Your Audience?
  6. 6
    How to Level-Up Online Courses With Assessment Quizzes?
  7. 7
    How to Identify Your Purpose and Niche?
  8. 8
    Four Week Plan to Start Your Business as a Course Creator.
  9. 9
    How to Start a Niche Business With Online Courses?
  10. 10
    How to Breakdown Courses?
  11. 11
    How to Create Engaging Learning Experiences?

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