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Are you struggling with launching an online course, coaching, book, or business? You are an experienced solopreneur, small business owner, or perhaps just getting started. But you feel uneasy whenever you have to write a sales page, draft an email, or create an offer.

There's a feeling deep inside you if this is good enough. Will this launch be successful? Can I make more sales? Do I need to add more bonuses? Am I charging too high? Should I reduce the pricing? Is my offer good enough?

It's questions like these that don't let you sleep. You end up with puffy eyes, dark circles, feeling tired, and thinking if you are really meant to do all of this. Or maybe it's quite the opposite - you have a few products and are making sales, but you feel like you hit a plateau.

On The Launch Plan podcast, you will find answers to these questions and some more. The podcast is designed to give you a plan to overcome every obstacle stopping you from being successful as a solopreneur and small business owner. You can think of this show as a pocket CMO or marketing strategist, or copywriter.

The episodes are short and usually around the twenty-minute mark, so you don't just listen but also use the learnings to grow your business. This podcast is not an interview-fest. With every episode, you will also find an actionable worksheet.

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