leading with curiosityIn this episode of Success Factors, I speak with 4 product makers – Jeff Gothelf, the Co-founder of Neo Innovation, Melissa Perri who is the CEO of Produx Labs, Paul Yokota, Director of PM at Animoto and Sarah Doody, a user experience designer & consultant. They share their success secrets and about leading with curiosity.

What will you learn about – Leading with Curiosity?

You will learn what makes these 4 successful product managers, designers and makers leaders and experts in their fields. You’ll hear about the impact of the following in their success. What’s yours?

  1. “The most impactful skill I developed in the last 10 years is writing..”
  2. “…my curiosity and my ability to learn…”
  3. “…curiosity. At the end of the day you can’t improve what you can’t understand..”
  4. “…the quality that’s made me successful is the ability to be a grabber…”

Links to episodes – Leading with Curiosity & more

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  6. Experiment with Side Projects & Being Fearless | Sarah Doody (click here to listen directly)
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Links to Guests’ Profiles

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