visual thinkingIn this Ferris Wheel episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast, I speak with Kate Rutter who is an entrepreneur, designer and Principal at Intelleto who talks about a 4 week Visual Thinking routine and shares some success stories.

Who is Kate Rutter?

Kate is an entrepreneur+designer and Principal at Intelleto, where she creates visual explanations that make complex ideas simple, memorable and shareable. Kate pioneered the UX learning track at Tradecraft, Co-founded, and was Senior Practitioner at UX consultancy Adaptive Path. She co-hosts the popular and not safe for work podcast “What is Wrong With UX” with Laura Klein, her best frienemy. Kate is currently writing a book to help product thinkers sketch with confidence.

What will you learn?

  1. Have you trained or coached other product people to do what you are doing as a designer? How successful have they been in being able to replicate the results?
  2. What are the biggest mistakes you see these product makers and startups make in their pursuit of design finesse? What do you see as a waste of time in what they do today?
  3. What are your favorite books & other resources on product design? If people had to teach themselves to design awesome products, what do you suggest they do?
  4. If you had to coach me to use visual thinking to launch a successful product in 4 weeks, and you had a million dollars in the line, what would the coaching look like?

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