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Do you have an online business, podcast, or a blog?

You have a website that you are proud of. And you invest your time and money into making it even better. You put in a lot of effort in creating content. There are opt-in forms that collect leads that power your business. There is much going on with running an online business or creating content with a blog or a podcast. And the last thing you want is mail from an attorney or a lawyer.

People are waiting to eat you up.

Running an online business is challenging. And when you are doing it well, people notice. Sometimes it could be a competitor wanting to take you down. But it can be new clients or customers. Perhaps they bought your product or service for the wrong reason. Perhaps your copy set false expectations, or maybe some unforeseen gap in communication. No matter the reason, you want to ensure you have the necessary defense systems to protect you.

And that's why you need legal pages.

You probably know these too. Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, and many others. You are protecting yourself when you have them on specific pages on your website and make them prominent, usually in the footer. But where do you get started? What are the exact legal pages you need to have on your website? What is the latest (and scary) trend you need to be aware of? We discuss all of this and more in this episode.

In this episode, I use a legal expert's help to find answers to these questions (and more). Our guest is Amira Irfan. More about her is in the guest bio below. Here's what you'll learn in ~30 minutes:

  • What are the four legal pages you need for your website?
  • Why your website needs to be compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) even if you don't live in the US.
  • How to protect your website with the right legal pages even if you are just creating content.



Internationally renowned Amira Irfan is the business lawyer, blogger, and coach behind A Self Guru, an online company that has been featured around the world for helping entrepreneurs in legally protecting their businesses through its affordable legal templates and services. Amira has had the honor of helping over 50,000 entrepreneurs comply with the laws and safeguard their businesses. Her work has been featured in 200 media outlets such as Ticker News, Yahoo Finance, International Business Times, Business Digest Magazine, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, US Times Now, and more!

Download Legal Pages for Your Website:

American Disabilities Act Legal Page Template

Contract Template Bundle for Freelancers

Discounted Legal Bundle for Coaches

Comprehensive Legal Bundles With Business Agreements and Contracts

Three Legal Mistakes That Can Get You Sued By FTC

Please note that some of these are affiliate links.

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