marketing strategiesIn this Ground Zero episode, I speak with Saravanakumar CP, co-founder and Business Development Lead at LogBase, to talk about early stage marketing strategies, metrics.

Who is Saravana?

Saravanakumar CP is the co-founder and business development lead at LogBase, a SaaS product startup. He and his team is working on building a cloud-based Point of Sale product called SlickPOS that focuses on improving sales for retail stores.

What you will learn – Early Stage Marketing Strategies and more!

In this episode, Saravana talks about the early stage lessons learnt while creating the MVP of SlickPOS. He shares his approach to building sales for an early stage retail POS startup. He also shares some of the challenges he and his team faced in the first 2 months and now after 6-7 months of starting to work on the product. Later in the show he also talks about the metrics that really matter to them as a team, and how he goes about measuring them. Saravana also shares the experiments with marketing strategies and the lessons learnt. (Related Read: Getting To Why)

Continued from Episode 114.

  1. How did you go about building the sales side of your business from day 1?
  2. The biggest challenges then and now.
  3. Metrics that you use to measure the product and the business. Why?
  4. Marketing strategies used. What’s worked best?

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