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Karthik Vijayakumar

Karthik Vijayakumar is the Founder and Host of The Design Your Thinking Podcast where he interviews creatives, entrepreneurs and nonconformists. He spent over 15 years designing businesses with some of the world’s biggest technology companies including a startup he founded out of college.

He launched the podcast during a career break in 2016, that ended up making quarter million downloads in less than a year. Today, Karthik combines his experience in online business and podcasting along with his experience with business design, to help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners with building and growing their businesses and personal brands.


On The Design Your Thinking Podcast, Karthik engages with guests in deep and candid conversations about their journeys and work. The guests on the show are typically creatives, or entrepreneurs, or nonconformists, or a mix of those. The core belief is that every human is born creative, entrepreneurial and a misfit. But we are taught to ‘become’ someone else. This show shakes up this thinking. That’s why it’s called The Design Your Thinking Podcast.

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