True Story of a Multipotentialite - Balancing Skills, Passion and Money

Story of a Multipotentialite – Dinesh Blush Beauty and Beyond

In this episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast, I talk to a true multipotentialite. Dinesh Gopalan Nair is an Indian-Malaysian bharathanatyam dancer, makeup artist and a dentist. He started his career as a professional Bharatanatyam dancer at the age of 7, grew up to become a dentist. But somewhere inbetween, he took interest in bridal makeup. Why? What motivates him today? What struggles does he face today? We discuss all of that and more in this episode.

Who is Dinesh Gopalan Nair?

Dinesh is a Dentist by the week and a Makeup Artist and Bharathanatyam Dancer on weekends. He hails from an Indian-Malaysian family who took interest in Bharathanatyam dance at a very young age. He is married to Hanujah, with whom he runs a bridal makeover brand called Blush Beauty and Beyond, where they offer bridal makeup and makeover services.

story o a mulipotentialiteWhy Should You Listen to Dinesh?

There are plenty of reasons why you should listen to Dinesh. Let me give the top 3:

  1. He successfully find the balance between three different professions; he’s been doing this for quiet a long time.
  2. Dinesh shows us why it’s important to find a balance between skills, passion and money (and why skills are more important than the other two).
  3. He has followed his heart and interests to create and live a life that’s centered around happiness.

What Does He Talk about In this Interview?

  1. His childhood and how art played a key role in what he is today.
  2. His current lifestyle, and why he enjoys it and how he plans to fix some challenges.
  3. Why he picked Dentistry over Medicine?
  4. How he and his wife balance their relationship while growing their bridal business.
  5. Why he considers education to be a centerpiece of his work, and his views on how people should teach.
  6. How he finds a balance between dentistry, makeup and dance; and what his plans are for the future.

How Can You Listen?

Dinesh’s interview is available both in audio and video. But here’s a reason why you must listen to both:

  1. The audio takes a narrative style to walk though topics 1-6 (from previous section).
  2. The video is an unfiltered conversation (over 1.25 hours)

Direct Link to Audio

Direct Link to Video

How to Get In Touch with Dinesh?

Instagram: @blushbeautybeyond

Facebook: @BlushBeautyBeyond

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