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How Woodturning Projects Got Him Inside Dragons Den?

In this episode, I got into a conversation with Conor Lynch, a 21-year old artist-entrepreneur. He discusses his interest in woodturning projects, how his parents agreed to him starting a business when


Rethinking Happiness at Work with Easy Healthy Snacks

In this episode we have with us two brothers, Emil Aite and Cassy Aite who’ve been passionately working on scaling an idea to a company that’s spread across multiple locations in Canada. The


Commercial Photography, Connecting with Influencers & Changing Lives with Josh Rossi

In this episode I sit down with Josh Rossi, a commercial photographer who’s work has been popular amongst influencers and also kids. In this episode Josh gets talking about a lot of things about


Underwater Photography & The Art of Diving With Sharks

In this episode I speak with Bhushan Bagadia, one of India’s leading Underwater Photographers. In this hour-long conversation, Bhushan talks about his love for underwater photography, the way he


Best Of: How a Bass Guitarist is Helping Tech Startups Make Products Fast?

After being a musician and bass guitarist for 10 years, Tristan Kromer changed career to work with tech startups, helping them build products fast. Although this conversation was originally broadcasted


Look Beyond User Experience – Earth Experience – Nayantara Jain

Nayantara Jain is a SCUBA diver, Marine Biologist and a Marine Conservationist who throws some light on the impact of plastics on marine life, how we measure economy and how designers can design better


Break the Narrative – How to Stand-out in an Age of Fake News? – Ram Devineni

In this episode I speak with Ram Devineni, an award-winning documentary filmmaker about gender equality, gender violence, Priya’s Shakti comic, storytelling, and creating art that rise above fake


Stand Up Comedy, Serious Business & a Stingy Aunt? – Atul Khatri Interview

In this episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast I sit down with one of India’s top comedians, Atul Khatri to talk about the serious business of Stand Up Comedy, his learnings from transitioning

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