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DYT 011 : How to Think Effectively as Product Makers with Karthik

In this Friday Fifteen episode, I will teach you how to think effectively and come up with creative ideas. How often have you wondered “I wish I could think and come up with great ideas like Steve Jobs!”? How often have you thought “I am not a creative person”? Well, that kind of thinking will […]


DYT 008 : Get Started With Jobs To Be Done with Karthik

In this Friday Fifteen episode, I will teach you the Jobs To Be Done technique that will help you think about problems from the end users’ perspective and make better products As product makers it matters most as to how we build our products. Are we looking to build a product and expect customers to […]


DYT 005 : Take Control of Your Life and Work with Karthik

In this Friday Fifteen episode, I teach a simple workflow and framework that will help busy product makers take control of your life and work. How many times have you felt that there is too much of work to be done, but so less time? How many times have you missed appointments and deadlines, forgotten […]


DYT 000 : Welcome, Introduction and What to Expect

In this episode of The Design Your Thinking Podcast, I introduce you to the show, the title music and the episode formats. I also quickly introduce myself and talk about why I picked the name Design Your Thinking for the blog and podcast. Quick Links To know more about Karthik, visit

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